Dead Ronin #6

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Dead Ronin continues onward toward its conclusion! All escalation ahead until the finale.

This issue a character awakes a great power, another Yokai is defeated, and the pieces fall further into place for the final showdown.

Disgraced samurai Hitoshi has settled into a quiet life as a Ronin and family man when his world is turned upside down.
Borrowing from Japanese folklore, witness an action/horror adventure that puts an Undead Ronin against a series of fierce monsters that will twist and turn to its epic conclusion. Will the fate of post-feudal Japan be in the hands of men or monsters?

2 reviews for Dead Ronin #6

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Spencer Scott Holmes (verified owner)

    You want to read one of my Top 3 most recommended comic series on Comix Central? Well look no further than the ever impressive Dead Ronin series from Luke Brown of Lab 5 Studios. When you already got it turned up to 11, you don’t think it can get any louder, correct? Wrong! Luke goes the distance and takes an already delicious and ultra bloody, black and white art book and finds a way to make it just that much more dialed in. Yeah buddy!!!

    Well in issue 6 here we find Kiyoko, Hitoshi’s new traveling partner, escaping out of a Lady Spider Demons web with a Japanese umbrella monster that turns into a masamune sword and gives her sick armor and bad ass abilities. How dope is that. Beyond the amazing bit of action scenes we see more of our villain, Gashadokuro and our Dead Ronin hero, Hitoshi with his child being held captive by this evil doer.

    This book catches back up to issue one, where issues 2-5 were an origin story, we are now back in the fray of things. With 2 more comic books to go for this storyline, I can not wait. It is that good. And made by only one fella too. How bout them apples. So if you have yet to read 1-5, grab those bad boys off of Comix Central now and then get ahold of 6. I talk a bunch more about this book in episode 11 of the Indie Comix Club Podcast too. Come on by and have a listen.

    Spencer Scott Holmes
    That “Pizza Boyz” Comic, Indie Comix Club and Old Man Orange Podcast guy.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Craig Johnson (verified owner)

    What an experience! From the start in Issue this series has gotten better and better. The story ramps up and the excitement with it! There are plenty of amazing moments inside all drawn beautifully by the main man himself!!
    If you are a fan of ……anything, this is for you! Its balls to the walls crazy action and amazing told. Do yourself a favor and buy the whole series right now. I did. Best money i ever spent.
    I can not wait for the final 2 issues and the big finale because i know it going to be awesome.

    Craig Johnson
    Project: Saviour, Indie Comix Club

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