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We LOVE comics.  We read comics, we create comics, we promote comics.  But most of all we love Indie Comics.

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Indie comics are represented in the grassroots of creators learning their craft to the most famous artists and writers telling their own stories. And we believe there is a groundswell around Indie where it can become the next golden age of comics.

We have no beef with the ‘big’ publishers because we sincerely love ALL comics but there is a unique place for indie and we are deeply passionate about growing it.

And we believe this is our mission. Because our founders, as creators first, felt something missing in the comics world and as artists deeply understood what that was.

And we will hold on to this as we grow. Our mission is to build the indie comic scene into a global movement.  One that introduces new creators and new stories into the world without the traditional barriers.

And how does this make sense commercially for us? Because this mission is our ‘why?’ Our reason we get up in the morning.  And growing indie comics as a whole lifts us all. A rising tide lifts all ships after all. As indie comics grow, we grow and the more we can give back to readers and to creators.

Indie represents everything good about creativity and storytelling.  Not bound by traditional rules or barriers. We are building a community of creators not only telling amazing stories but learning from each other and growing the community as a whole.

A creator’s life can at times be a lonely one but we are there to support and grow everyone who believes in indie comics as we do.

To that end, we are committed to empowering indie creators at every step of the process from learning their craft to promoting the end result and every painstaking process along the way.

We won’t judge or censor content.

We commit to listening to our community to make CXC THE hub for indie comics.  For readers to discover new stories, characters, and creators. To provide creators with everything they need to produce and sell, and promote their work.

We will always protect your data and never sell it to a third party.  And we will only use any data we have for the purpose you provide it.

But our main guiding principle is that as indie comic creators what would we want for ourselves and how can we give that to the indie comic community.

Are you with us?

  • Indie is not just independence.   
  • Indie is creative freedom.
  • Indie is pushing boundaries; in yourself and in your stories.
  • Indie doesn’t need permission.
  • Indie is brave.
  • Indie is radical.
  • Indie is telling stories that need to be told.
  • Indie is smart.
  • Indie is inspiring.
  • Indie can’t be put in a box.
  • Indie is innovation.  
  • Indie is the community.
  • Indie breaks the rules.

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