Uploading Guidelines

Uploading Guidelines

Dimensions & File types for Site Images

Max File Upload Size for all files is 100mb.

But you will experience faster uploading times if you make your file as small as possible without losing file quality.

ComicBook Covers & Preview(gallery) images (This is just for uploading your cover image on site, these are not print specs. See suggestions for printing dimensions below)

450px (wide) by 700px (high)
File type: JPG

Store Banner

Around: 1280px (wide) by 300px (high)
File type: JPG

Store Icon (Square images work best. A rectangle my result in your image being distorted)

Around: 500px by 500px
File type: JPG

Member Profile Photo

Larger than:  280px by 280px
File type: JPG

Member Profile Cover Image (Banner at top)

Larger than 1400px (wide) by 350px (high)
File type: JPG

Submitting Comics to ComixCentral

ComixCentral is an Indie Comics hosting platform, not a publishing house. This means that product quality is left in the hands of our contributing artists.  

All Comics submitting will go through an approval process by the CXC Administration. We try to turn these approvals around as quickly as possible, please be patient. You will be notified by email if your Comic has been rejected. In the event of rejection, you may choose to re-submit your Comic once the issue causing rejection has been resolved.

Comicbook Upload Guidelines

Digital Comics Document Specs:Accepted File Type: PDF

ComixCentral has an Upload File Size Limit of 100MB.  

This is to ensure a quick transfer of files for our customers. Long downloads of massive files can be frustrating and sometimes damaging and over taxing of some devices. If you’re told your file is too big to upload you have a few options.

  1. Compress it as much as possible: Free online services such as http://www.ilovepdf.com/compress_pdf  will compress your files with minimal loss of quality. Sometimes down to less than 50% of your original file size! A quick search for PDF compression can help you find the best options for your comics. Make sure to save your compressed file as a new file and leave your high-resolution version intact for printing.
  2. Check to see that your upload does not exceed the maximum file upload size /  100mb  /  3000px x 2000px
  3. Break your comic into issues: If you have created an epic saga, a brilliant graphic novel.. we dig it. But downloading a monster file can be frustrating for your customers. Consider breaking your book into issues and uploading each issue separately.
  4. Contact us. We’ve seen it all and may have some great options for you and your comic. We don’t want the world to miss out on your awesome comics!  Send us an email »

Things to watch out for when saving your PDF


Pixelation is when your images come out fuzzy and not crisp. This can happen unintentionally when a low-resolution image designed for an ordinary computer display is projected on a large screen and each pixel becomes separately viewable.

This can be caused by over compression of the file or upscaling (making bigger) a rasterized image. A rasterized image cannot be made bigger, only a vector is capable of upscaling.

The best way to avoid pixelation and artifacting (banding) is to draw your comics as large as possible. 300-600dpi. This way you have a large file you can play around with.

Things that will get your comics rejected

  1. Hate propaganda
    • ie: Any Comics, zines, art pieces, blog posts or any other creative content used by a person or group which promotes hatred based on race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.
  2. Licensed characters or copyrighted materials you do not own the copyright to.
  3. Content created and/or owned by another party.
  4. High volume of uploads and competition will increase the number of rejected comics for various reasons.

ComixCentral reserves the right to reject any Comic submitted to our marketplace, for any reason.

You may choose to follow these standard Comicbook guidelines. Although not required, we would suggest following them. Using these standard layout sizes will make printing your Comics easier and cheaper if your choose to do so.

Single Page Layout 

TRIM: 6.625” x 10.187” – This is the actual size of the book when trimmed, folded & stapled.

LIVE: 6.125” x 9.687” – Safe Zone. This is the area that any important images and lettering should be contained in.

BLEED: 6.875” x 10.437” – This is the total size of your page files including a 0.125” bleed on all sides. The bleed is trimmed off so artwork that goes to the edge.  Please make sure all artwork fills the bleed area.

Double Page Layout

TRIM: 13.25” x 10.187”

LIVE: 12.75” x 9.687” – To ensure artwork and lettering doesn’t get lost in the gutter, leave a 0.5” gutter area down the middle.

BLEED: 13.5” x 10.437”

Color guidelines

ComixCentral accepts both RGB (Red, Green, Black) and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) Please note that these two color spaces can appear very different from each other, especially true black. It may be useful to create 2 versions of your comic for your own files, one for digital and one print. Here is a helpful article to learn more about color spaces and how to use them.

  1. RGB is primarily for Digital. If you are not planning on printing your Comic now or in the future you many choose this option.
  2. CMKY is for print. If you are planning on printing your comic, you may wish to choose CMYK color.

Mature Content Guidelines

Uploading and Selling Mature Comics

Mature Comics are permitted for sale on ComixCentral. In order to protect sensitive viewers who are not interested in purchasing and downloading your content, we ask that you follow the guidelines below when uploading your Mature comics. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the removal of your comic from the ComixCentral marketplace.

  1. Cover image must be “family friendly”. No pornographic or lude material is permitted on covers.
  2. Gallery images may not contain any pornographic or lude material. If you have no “family friendly” internal pages please use censor marks in order to hide material from sensitive viewers.
  3. If your comic contains pornographic content, you must select the “After Dark” category during upload.

Uploading Mature Images (Public profile, ComixShop, all publicly accessible site areas.)

Uploading Mature images or content in publicly accessible site areas is strictly forbidden. Content will be removed by ComixCentral admin. Repeated offenses may result in membership being revoked.

  1. Please be thoughtful of sensitive viewers and members when uploading content to publicly visible areas. Use censor bands, blocks or circles if required.