CXC Anthology

ComixCentral Presents – The Best of Indie: Anthology 2019

Submissions open January 1st, 2019 and will run through March 31st, 2019

Submissions are closed for 2019. See you next year!

The Best of Indie: Anthology 2019 is to be a Comic anthology sponsored by ComixCentral and Kickstarted in the Spring of 2019.

All who wish to apply are encouraged to do so. The winning applicants will be chosen by the ComixCentral anthology team and will be responsible for completing their submissions on time and in the format requested. 



Family– blood or not, family can mean something different to everyone. We want to celebrate the family bond that exists within the comics community. We want stories that revolve around a family like structure. They can extend into any other genre but must consist of a family element.

Story Length:

  • Minimum of 1 page, a maximum of 12 pages.

Intended audience:

  • All-ages.
  • So, that means no gratuitous violence, sex or language. Keep it above the belt!


  • Black and white/Greyscale
  • Submissions will be submitted in PDF or JPEG form. If your story is selected we will notify you of final submission files that will be needed for print.
  • Art must be at least 300dpi
  • Any genre goes.
  • All comics must be full stories, no cliffhangers or pitches for other stories.
  • You must be a complete team. ie: writer, artist, inker, letterist or any combination. It’s up to your team to work out the details. We have provided a forum thread here to help get the ball rolling for you all!
  • Stories and art must be completely original to your team. No copyrighted characters or storylines will be accepted.

Page Dimensions:

  • The Book will be printed standard graphic novel size. (we will be providing a template soon, but in the meantime, you can use this handy link from Kablam.)
  • All stories must be submitted complete no partial stories will be accepted.


  • Compensation will consist of 3 printed books for every story page submitted. For example, an 8-page story will receive 24 books as compensation.
  • Compensation will be shipped to one member of the creative team who lives in the US, UK or Canada. If no members of the creative team live in any of those three countries they will still be able to receive compensation but they will be responsible for the shipping costs.
  • Compensation is contingent on the Kickstarter funding.
  • After compensation has been shipped all members of the creative team will be able to purchase more copies of the book at a discounted rate plus shipping no matter where they live.

Publishing Rights

  • ComixCentral will hold exclusive publishing rights for one year after the first book is printed.
  • At the end of one year, we will provide all the creators with publishing releases allowing you to submit, print, and sell your story in any way you’d like.

Submissions Open January 1st, 2019 – Deadline for entry is March 31st, 2019

Submissions are closed!

Good Luck and Have Fun! 

12 thoughts on “CXC Anthology

  1. Do you do accept reprint stories, or does it have to be first run? thank you.

    1. Hi Ari!
      Thanks for the question. Yes. As long as the story fits the theme: Family, you are welcome to submit reprint stories.

  2. I’m getting the sense that the theme is up to interpretation but could I pleae get a more narrowed down theme for my own reference please? The theme is Family, which makes me think of a personal family unit BUT I also see a reference to a family within the comics community. Which of the two is more important to you?

    Basically, I can see both interpretations being acceptable but can you tell me what kind of stories you’d be drawn to more when accepting submissions? Thanks. Any advice is much appreciated.

    1. Hello! Thank you for the question.

      It just has to have a family aspect. Family can be more than blood, maybe you want to write a story about two friends who were abandoned and became a kick-ass super hero team. They are each others family. They live to take care of each other and their community.

      The reference to the comics family is just that we were celebrating the bond of the community. It has nothing to do with the theme.

      I hope that answers your question. If not, please let us know:D

  3. Hi! I’m a new writer that found out about this anthology today, and man, what a coincidence–just last week I’d finished a script of 10 pages, about family (it’s even in the title!) and a complete beginning-to-end story. I have a question about the no-cliffhanger policy, though: while my story is complete, it does leave open potential for continuation through the familiar “he’s not really dead!” trope. Would something like that disqualify this story? It’d be relatively easy to remove, but would lessen one theme slightly and may hurt the overall impact, so I’d prefer to keep it as-is.

    Thanks, and here’s hoping I can find collaborators in time to submit!

    1. Hello! I know we responded on Twitter, but just everyone else can see the answer. Yes, this type of cliffhanger is acceptable. What we wanted to avoid was the classic “what will happen next, tune in next time!” type of cliffhanger. Thanks for reaching out, we look forward to your submission!

  4. Hi,

    I’m a writer who had entered a few comics to anthologies in other places.

    I’d be interested in finding a team to collaborate with, and brainstorms ideas for this anthology.

    I’d like to start fresh from scratch. Nothing preconceived. The whole team discusses ideas and we do it together.

    If interested, then hop on board and let me know.

  5. Any chance for an extension on the deadline for the entries past March 31, 2019?

  6. When should we expect to hear about acceptance/rejection ?

    1. We’ll announce the accepted stories hopefully before May 1st. We have a lot to go through:)

  7. Hi, I just saw this and realized that the deadline has already passed. Can I still submit my submission?

    1. Hi guys! The entry form is still open. But I can’t guarantee that your submission will end up in the running. But if you still want to submit.. you might sneak in under the wire;P

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