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Please browse through our FAQs before sending support question. Many questions have been asked and answered and you may just find the droids you’re looking for.


Uploading Errors (Troubleshooting)

1. HTTP Error
Check to see that your upload does not exceed the maximum file upload size /  100mb  /  3000px x 2000px
Make sure you are uploading a JPG(for images) and a PDF(for Comics).

(The system sometimes times out when uploading a file over 80mb. You can try re-compressing your file. You’d be surprised how small you can get a file with no loss of quality. Try running it through and re-uploading)

Contact support and let us know which file is causing the trouble. We’ll be happy to help. We may have to upload your PDF on our end, so be prepared to send us your file. A Dropbox link or work great.

2. An Error occurred in the upload. Please try again later
Log out and then immediately back in. Then upload. This often clears this error.
If logging out and in doesn’t fix the issue, you can try uploading through an incognito window.

If neither of these suggestions fixes the error, please contact support. We may need to upload your PDF on our end, so please be prepared to send us a copy of your file. A Dropbox link or ZIP file works great.

What is a CXC ComixShop and how can I open one?

CXC ComixShop is your own unique online storefront for selling your Indie Comics on Each store is Free to open, has its own unique URL, Dashboard and Portal for uploading and managing your Indie content.

Anyone can apply to become a vendor. Simply click the Apply as Vendor box on the sign-up form when signing up for your account.  Or, if you missed that button,  you can select the “My ComixShop” icon in the top menu and follow the instructions.

All applications to open a CXC ComixShop will be submitted to an approval process carried out by the CXC administration. Review our Vendor Terms and Conditions here »

How do I delete a comic I’ve uploaded?

If you’d like to remove your comic from the ComixCentral marketplace for any reason please contact support and let us know which comic you’d like removed and we’d be happy to do so.  Send us an email »

Replacing my Comic upload

If you’d like to replace your uploaded Comic book for any reason, please contact our support and attach the new PDF file. Our admin will be happy to approve the new file and replace your Comic in our marketplace.  Send us an email »

My Comic is too big to upload?

ComixCentral has an Upload File Size Limit of 100MB.  This is to ensure a quick transfer of files for our customers. Long downloads of massive files can be frustrating and sometimes be damaging and overtaxing of some devices. If you’re told your file is too big to upload you have a few options.

Compress it as much as possible: Free online services such as  will compress your files with minimal loss of quality. Sometimes down to less than 50% of your original file size! A quick search for PDF compression can help you find the best options for your comics. ( Make sure to save a new copy of your comic as compressed. You don’t want to lose your High Resolution (for print) PDF.

Break your comic into issues: If you have created an epic saga, a brilliant graphic novel.. we dig it. But downloading a monster file can be frustrating for your customers. Consider breaking your book into issues and uploading each issue separately.

Contact us. We’ve seen it all and may have some great options for you and your comic. We don’t want the world to miss out on your awesome comic and are happy to help!  Send us an email »

How long does it take for my Comic to be approved?”

At this time, approval can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 days depending on how many Comics have been uploaded before yours.

If your Comic has not been approved after 5 days please check the following:

-Your PDF comic book file or link to URL download if your file is over 100mb is attached.
-You have uploaded a cover image JPG.
-You have entered a Name and set a Price.
-You have clicked “Save & Submit” on your upload form inside your vendor dashboard and not “Save Draft”.
-You haven’t violated any of our uploading guidelines, you comic may have been rejected.

If your form is fully filled out, please contact us at and let us know your Comic has yet to be approved.

What kind of Comics can I sell?

At this time we are only selling Digital Comics.

As for genre? Anything goes as long as it’s Indie and does not contain any licensed characters.

Do I have to sign a contract with ComixCentral to sell my work, and can I upload my work on competitors sites?

You DO NOT have to sign a contract to sell your work on ComixCentral.

You may continue to have relationships and contracts with anyone you choose.

You can review our Vendor Terms and Conditions here »

Who owns the rights to the Comics I upload for sale?

You and whoever you created your work with will always own your own content on ComixCentral. You are free to edit it, remove it and price it however and whenever you see fit.

Review our Vendor Terms and Conditions here »

Can I sell merchandise featuring licensed characters I don’t own the license to?

Nope. Sorry fan artists!

You may share your fan art on your profile, in your projects tab, forums and groups.

Review our Vendor Terms and Conditions here »

Who sets the price for my Comics?”

You do kiddo!

Review our Vendor Terms and Conditions here »

How Do I Remove My Account or Close my ComixShop?

If you’d like to remove your account from ComixCentral or close your ComixShop for any reason, please contact us our admin will be happy to comply.

Please note that if you choose to close your account, this cannot be reversed and all data and uploads will be lost.

Where do I find the comics I bought?

You should receive an invoice and download link in your email immediately after purchase. If you can’t locate this email, please try the following:

-Check your spam folder
-Make sure the email address attached to your ComixCentral account is correct.
-Download a copy of your purchase directly from your Downloads located on your my account page.

Still can’t find your purchase? Contact ComixCentral support and we’d be happy to help find a resolution. ComixCentral Support

What format will the Comic I download come in? How do I read it?

Our Digital Comics are in a PDF format. You can read them on your e-reader, smart phone, tablet and computer. Any device capable of reading a PDF (which is most). Check your device for compatibility.

Can I resell the Comics I download?

No. The download is available for your own personal use only.