Our tutorial galleries are curated by ComixCentral. We search the web and our own community for the best and most essential tutorials by the some of the best creators on the planet. This section is constantly growing as we find and add new content to help you become the best artist you can be.

Learning to Draw

We collect and share some of the best building block tutorials from the web and our own community. If you want to learn the skills needed to become a Comicbook illustrator, you can do it! No experience necessary.

Learning to Ink

Get out your brushes and pens, or your tablet if your prefer! It’s time to make an inky mess and learn the art of inking. Bring your comics to life with depth and shading. It take a little finesse and a lot of guts, let’s ink!

Learning to Color

This ain’t your coloring books of yore tutorials! We start at the beginning and move through to the professional’s coloring techniques. There’s more to coloring than you could imagine, and a good colorist is worth their weight in.. well.. Copic markers!

Learning to Write Comics

Have the burning desire to be a writer? That gnawing feeling that if you could just get to a secluded cabin in the woods your brilliance would pour out of you like a man tied to a bed with broken ankles? Well, it could happen. But why not learn the skills first and get the engine started, so when a mad woman locks you up and demands you write for her, you’re ready to rock.

Learning About Publishing

From finding a publisher to self-publishing your own Comics, we dig up and share some of the best how-to tutorials to help you understand a complicated and often unfriendly industry. Get savvy and get your books published!

Learning About Promotion

Marketing and promotion are areas where many Comicbook creators fall short. Once you have your book created and published, then what? Well, we collect the best tutorials to help you navigate the confusing and often expensive world of promotion.