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Inktober, Integrity and the Social Media Marketing Machine with Jake Parker | CXC Podcast

Jake Parker

Wanna know where the concept for Inktober came from? Maybe you wanna know how to harness the power of social media for business? Perhaps you’d like to reminisce about the awesomeness of newspaper comics (strips) particularly Calvin and Hobbes? Frankly, we could all use a reminder that Bill Watterson’s greatness.

Either way, look no further than our interview with Mr. Jake Parker. Inktober is only a slice of the story, my friends.

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Jake has a way of demanding respect for comics. He fell in love with comics thanks to a local circle K and, of course, the Sunday strip. He began creating comics himself in high school after taking in the medium for years. His passion reminds us that comics can and do stand alone as a powerful megaphone in storytelling. Reading a comic feels a bit like traveling in a time machine. As Jake would say, fans of comics have to work a little bit harder to make the magic work. This means an attention to detail that exists in a world all its own. Readers get to peel over their favorite comics time and time again extracting intimate details that a moving film doesn’t always have the patience for. As a result, there will be ears and eyes for comics now and forever.

Social media is all about finding your tribe. You grow your tribe simply by doing what you say you’re going to do. It means being honest about what’s driving you whether it’s making an impact or making dollars. His social media success comes from experimentation with a hint of vulnerability. It’s amazing what can happen when you encourage a world of digital artists to draw and ink something every single day for 31 days all because you want to get better at it. Thanks to the art blog Drawn.CA for picking up on the value of this contest.  All that aside, the firecracker/lawnmower story alone is the best nugget of social media success advice I’ve heard in a really long time. The best nugget overall though- how an indie comic creator can siphon some DC and Marvels over to our side of the fence.

Show Notes:


Missile Mouse by Jake Parker

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Hellboy by Mike Mignola

Seth Godin

Sky Heart-

Connect with Jake and learn more about his work


Youtube: JakeParker44

Facebook: MrJakeParker

Instagram: Jakeparker

Twitter: @mrjakeparker

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Fantasy | Comic History Mysteries | Episode #13

Join The Rambling Phoenix and The Voice on this fantastical episode of Comic History Mysteries!

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Check out the trailer:


Listen, subscribe and join the converstation by leaving a comment below!



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The CXC Podcast Episode #38 | Why Webcomics Matter- Star Prichard

Star Prichard | Comics and Cosplay are always on her mind!

[podbean resource=”episode=p3qwt-9086fe” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”113″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

Do you have a passion for webcomics? Do you know how to get started? Do you know how to create a joke or an emotional reaction within a 4-panel comic? Look no further my friends- Star Prichard is here to save the day.

Star began her journey in comics in elementary school. It was always more fun to hang out in the back of a class and draw comics rather then, you know…be an extrovert. Don’t let the label fool you. She brings an untapped energy and initiative to the table that will make even the most disciplined comic creators drop their pencils in awe. combine that with an exceptionally welcoming personality and it’s no wonder she’s the dynamo behind a webcomic like Castoff. She credits her dad for giving her some artistic perspective and let her addiction to multiple projects take off from there. Her drive, as inspiring as it is, pales in comparison to her desire to shine a light on webcomics that seems way over do.

As Star would say, webcomics are awesome because no one can tell you what not to do. Sounds a lot like indie comics in general, but here’s a just a couple of things you can learn from this queen of creativity. Maybe you’re interested in running a panel at a con. She’s done several including San Japan. Would you like to learn how to build up your instagram as an artist using fan art? Maybe you wanna learn the challenges of having a Patreon and how to overcome them? Most of all, you’re gonna learn why webcomics still have an audience worth reaching. That alone makes this episode a must listen. She reminds us that comics, unlike animation, can be done by yourself in an amount of time that allows you to still have a life. While her marketing skills are self taught, her art on the other hand comes from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In short: she knows what she’s doing friends.

Read the award-winning WebComic series “Castoff” here

Inspirations for her work comes from basically everywhere but here’s a couple of specifics

Hanna is not a Boy’s Name by Tess Stone

Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich

Soul To Call by Katherine Lang aka Rommie or Rommieren

Connect with Star and learn more about her work

Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Tumbler  |  Website

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Comic History Mysteries Episode #12 | Horror

The Horror!

Join The Rambling Phoenix, The Voice and the Janitor who just works here, as they talk HORROR in Comics on this terrifying episode of Comic History Mysteries on the ComixCentral Podcast.

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The ComixCentral Podcast Episode #37 | Game-Changing Tech with Justin Silva  

Hey nerd nation! Are you tired of having to format your comic scripts? Do you feel like your writing process takes a lot longer than it should? Have you been wondering how computer tech and comic writing could possibly relate? Look no further than this tech genius ready to change the game for the comic industry and indie comics in particular- Justin Silva.

[podbean resource=”episode=34dya-9021fa” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”104″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

Justin is a tremendous talent who fell in love with writing thanks to his cousins Josh Valliere and Paul Valliere. Josh being a part of the awesomeness of known as Charon Comics. While having a passion for writing his mind really shines when it comes to the design of websites, web apps and, as it happens, personally invented software.

Despite Justin’s humility on the mic, his contribution to the future of this industry should not be understated. His humility, in fact, may be the spark that lights the way for his success in comics. There’s still an odd misconception around “techies” spreading a lie-they are not creative people. The moment you connect with Justin, you’ll realize how wrong you are. This dude plays multiple musical instruments, he draws, he writes, he did stand-up comedy for 5 years (despite the intense fear of public speaking) and, oh yeah, created a largely original idea that didn’t exist before his mind conceived it. You impressed yet?

Justin’s text program, aptly called Superscript, will influence the industry of graphic novels for years to come. Lucky for us, we’ve got his mind and heart brought to you in a single 60-minute podcast. His Kickstarter will be launched on Tuesday, May 1st. Let us come together and be a part of Justin’s creation, and in a way, each of us can be a genuine part of tech history.  

Superscript Mailing List:

Business Website:




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Disnification! | Comic History Mysteries | Episode #11

Today on Comic History Mysteries the Rambling Phoenix returns from Disneyland with tales from the house of Mouse!

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The boys are talking Disnification, what it is, what it means to Comics and how Disney has changed the game.

Show notes:

Public Domain characters thread ComixCentral forum

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Off The Shelf | Episode 0 | ComixCentral Podcast

In a brand spanking new show, The Voice and The Janitor take a leisurely stroll through ComixCentral’s bookshelves – and pull a couple off the shelf at random to flip through.

[podbean resource=”episode=fgahh-8fc8ba” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”106″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

This week our sophomoric spotlight falls on the fantastical anthology collection Tales of Charon Vol. 1 and the manga-style first chapter of the boxing saga ‘Her Impact’. Warning: there might be some godawful accents and cheap sound effects along the way. For maximum enjoyment grab a copy of the following comics and read along!

Tales of Charon Vol. 1:

Skylin | Fred Packard, Josh Valliere, Adam Cozart

Taeiyos | Brandon Chen, Kyle Petchock, AJ Young

The Righteous None | Joshua Valliere, Joey Lee Cabral, AJ Young

Her Impact!

Mikel Miles, Digitkame, Summa Agustriyana, Joe Sketch, Deo Keo (Mazu), Lavender Khan, Mirror & Skedaddle


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The CXC Podcast Episode #36 – Charon Comics | Frederick Packard & Joshua Valliere

[podbean resource=”episode=83c65-8f9483″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”108″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

Are you a fan of Charon Comics? Interested in making your own Comics? Publishing and marketing your Comics? Starting a publishing house?

Then take some time and listen to this informative, motivational and fascinating interview with Frederick Packard & Joshua Valliere, the brilliant minds behind Charon Comics.  These two also happen to be 2 parts of the creators behind ComixCentral’s 2017 Fantasy Comic of the Year, “Skylin“! These guys have been there, done that and have some sage advice for your own journey!

“Stories matter. The Wizard did it… isn’t good enough.”

Frederick is the co-author and co-creator to Charon Comic’s first graphic novel series Skylin and Sol Survivor. He is also Charon Comics’ lead marketer and social media guru.
Josh began Charon Comics with Fred after they began collaborating on Skylin, Chrysalis and Sol Survivor series’ asco-authors and creators. Along with writing, he is Charon Comics’ art director and graphic designer.

Connect with Charon Comics and buy their comics using the links below


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Comic History Mysteries Episode #10 – Ninjas in Comics

Today on Comic History Mysteries we are flying Phoenix-less! Yes, today The Voice and The Janitor are discussing NINJAS!

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We’ll be talking Ninja Turtles, Indie Comics that feature Ninjas and of course a healthy helping of puns and rambling Ninja focused conversation. The Janitor delights and informs us all with his deep knowledge of Japanese culture, Ninjas in particular.

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CXC Podcast Kickstarter Spotlight | Hollowed


Welcome to the very first of what we hope will be a regular series on the ComixCentral Podcast, it’s our Kickstarter Spotlight. Today we’re talking to Comic writer Casey Bacon Strips Bowker!

[podbean resource=”episode=3gy75-8f2b76″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”105″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

 Casey is currently Kickstarting his Half Comic Book/Half Soundtrack/100% Adrenaline, Hollowed. We follow 2 detectives hunting down a brutal killer that hollows out its victims – A Sci-Fi Horror Comedy & Audio Experience.

Click here to learn more and support Hollowed!

Find out all the interesting details that brought this project to life, including an amazing tale of finding a briefcase full of music in a Route 66 gas station bathroom!

Hurry! This Kickstarter only has a few days left! But, you can always keep up to date with Casey and purchase copies of Hollowed after the campaign is over.

Connect with Casey

Twitter  |


fulfill kickstarter comixcentral

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Comics History Mysteries – Nazis in Comics | Episode #9


Comics History Mysteries – Nazis in Comics | Episode #9

This week on Comic History Mysteries the Voice, Rambling Phoenix and of course the Janitor, have a fascinating conversation about Nazis in Comics.

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Comic History Mysteries | Episode #8 – Stump the Phoenix


Stump the Phoenix

It’s the April Fool’s Day episode. To be perfectly honest, this episode defies description. You just have to listen to find out what’s up. There will be so many random thoughts dropped, so much historical nonsense, and my GOD… Rambling Phoenix is a bottomless pit of information! Prepare for entertainment!

[podbean resource=”episode=55wnx-8e9f6e” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”108″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]




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So You Think You Know Comics with Professor Donnalyn Washington | Episode #36

So You Think You Know Comics with Professor Donnalyn Washington

Wanna learn the REAL reason indie comics are better than mainstream? Wanna know how comics and graphic novels could, should and are used in college English to teach storytelling, character development and even social psychology? Maybe you want a list of really good writers to learn from or maybe you just want to hear about the awesomeness of The Maroon comic. Look no further than the mistress of comic language and storytelling, professor Donnalyn Washington.

[podbean resource=”episode=ntxve-8e4ac9″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”108″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

Holy majestic brain power batman; we’re out-riddled this time for sure! I’m not gonna lie nerd nation, I could barely speak during this interview and thank goodness for that. After a mad-awesome power hour of comic knowledge download, I’ve come to realize that I’m undeserving of words. Donnalyn is the latest and final winner in our Comixcentral Birthday giveaway series and I could not have asked for a better surprise guest.

Donnalyn Washington

Things happened for a reason my friends and her podcast appearance was nothing short of on purpose. Just a few of her chess pieces on the comic information board include: multidimensional character development, subtlety in comics, how to approach a message inside a story, writing from experience and making the supernatural believable to an audience. If you want to learn how to be a better writer, this is THE episode. If you want a slice of this indie college knowledge, click the link to subscribe and download this gem. The skill is all on her side of the table ladies and gentleman, I just nodded my head in amazement.

Not only is this passionate professor a graphic novel junkie, she also dives deep into the research realm of our original African American writers, illustrators and influencers. She’s a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Black Comics. She’s a reviewer and senior editor over at and she tells it like it is. True love of the comic medium (indie comics in particular) has never been manifested more elegantly than in this weeks interview. Did I forget to mention she’s an interviewer herself as well? I want to give special thanks to her older brother for introducing her to this world of comics at an early age. She supports numerous Kickstarter projects and will give you a list of indie comic companies that are changing the game one book at a time. Her desire to understand the language of heroism and humanity has brought a new level of respect to this art form that is sure to inspire writers and fans for years to come.

Twitter: @Notingshaw

Review website:

Encyclopedia link


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Comic History Mysteries Episode | Episode #7 Puerto Rico

On this week’s Comic History Mysteries, The Voice, Rambling Phoenix and The Janitor have a sleep deprived conversation that starts with Puerto Rico, the Comicbook project la borinqueña, moves into cell phone power, scammy Kickstarters and goes on from there! Enjoy the delirious fun!

[podbean resource=”episode=zidsy-8e3310″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”108″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

For more history fun with the Ramblin Phoenix’s check out his history blog:


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Episode #35 | Jumping from Comics to Animation with Roy Burdine

Do you have what it takes to tackle comics and animation?

Do you have the skills to handle digital and print thousands and thousands of times over? Can you love what you do, even when it means leaving work just long enough to shower? Did you love 90’s and 2000’s hero cartoons? Then you’ve got to listen to the all-around-awesomeness of the 20-year comic/animation veteran Roy Burdine.

[podbean resource=”episode=ibeqe-8dd33f” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”107″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]


Roy Burdine

Roy is different from a lot of guests we’ve had before. Many comic peeps I’ve interviewed previously fell into the passion as a teenager or even later. Not Roy. He knew he wanted to be a comic artist from the beginning and never looked back. For Roy Burdine, it’s always been about constantly moving forward and adapting while staying in love with your craft no matter where the industry takes you. Trust me, he would know. He had the courage to send in his own character creation as a child and get rejected by Stan Lee himself… sort of. Either way, rejection never kept him away from the desire to live his cartoon joy full-out. This drive eventually landed him a spot working on the beloved X-men animated series in the 90’s and the rest is history.

TMNT – Roy Burdine

Roy Burdine has been through the ringer. Animation is all about deadlines and staying in the room until you get it right. Over the years, styles, settings and job titles may change but the passion never falls by the wayside. That’s the kind of steadfast love it takes to spend so much time on a project that night and day no longer exists. In this episode, we learn about the true meaning of dedication and the evolution of the artistic process. We learn what comic artists and writers can learn from animators and visa versa. Talking with Roy puts you right in the animation studio. You can feel all the hustle and excitement that comes with the job with every recorded word. His love of art is only surpassed by his admiration of story as we learn about his transitions throughout the industry. We talk about the importance of storyboarding. We talk about the value of going digital. We talk about the dangers of staying inside a box of “purity” versus the value of being multidimensional. We talk about “finding the frame” that matters the most in comics versus drawing thousands of frames for animation. Most importantly, we talk about what the internet has done for the lone creator. Indie is the new jump to lightspeed for a career at Sony, Image, or Dreamworks if you’ve got the care, wherewithal and artistic heart necessary for the journey ahead. Bottom line: Big two or no big 2- people care about indie and they are looking for you.  

AfterMen – Roy Burdine

Don’t forget to check out the links below for information on Roy Burdine  


Webcomic Twitter: @aftermen_comic

Instagram: Royburdine

Roy Burdine IMDB:

Twitter: @Royburdine

Facebook: Royburdineauthor

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History Mysteries #6 | Libraries and More

 On this week’s Comic History Mysteries, a heartfelt tribute to Stephen Hawking, a discussion on what makes a villain and how some can be lovable in spite of their horrible deeds, Moby Dick, of course Batman makes an appearance and eventually the boys get around to discussing how you can use your local library as a Comic Shop of sorts! Enjoy the madness!

[podbean resource=”episode=cdteu-8da1a1″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”108″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

For more history fun with the Ramblin Phoenix’s check out his history blog:




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Comic History Mysteries #5 | Defining Indie

 On this week’s Comic History Mysteries, the boys are arguing about what defines Indie in all its genres; comics, film, music and… continents?

[podbean resource=”episode=ffsnm-8d1fcc” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”111″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

For more history fun with the Ramblin Phoenix’s check out his history blog:



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Episode #34 | Black Panther VFX team member Todd Sheridan Perry


Wanna learn how to climb the ladder using the power of art and relationships? Wanna know how to have a really cool job and maintain your indie core? Wanna learn how to use risk effectively? Wanna know how baby steps can take you from unknown artisan to VFX team member a’ la Marvel’s Black Panther film? We’ve got you covered on this week’s episode with the lighthearted honesty of special effects king Todd Sheridan Perry!

[podbean resource=”episode=f7s6p-8ce108″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”107″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

His passion for art and computers started early when his dad brought home the first mac back in 1984. This was the first time Todd realized he could mold his passion for art and technology into a remarkable yellow brick road of digital storytelling that would eventually lead him right to the wizards at Marvel Studios. His ability to reconcile a deep understanding of people with conscious risk may seem magical coincidence, but I get the feeling Todd and I share in a belief that dreams tend to find their way to people who leap off the edge of a professional cliff just above and beyond the winds of true purpose- especial if those cliffs overlook Hollywood, California. It’s easy to find common ground with someone whose original inspiration for the industry came from a mutual obsession with a certain 1977 space opera that needs no introduction.

Todd Sheridan Perry

While Star Wars may have been the beginning, Todd has seen the inner workings of this industry change and grow over the years. We talk about the value that comes from going with your gut and forming partnerships with people who think differently. We talk about the cost of going your own way, whether it’s writing comics or making a film. We talk about the challenges of working under the pressures of time and team management. Most importantly, we talk about how important it is to maintain true artistry in the face of an industry giant- The reason why keeping your hand in indie is not only valuable for the creative process/perspective but for the heart and soul of an artist. If you love indie and yet still find room in your heart for the big two then this interview is a can’t miss. Being dedicated and driven has its place. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is walk away from what you know and give a new hope to that mysterious horizon.

Don’t forget to check out the links below for information on Todd Sheridan Perry

Todd IMDB:

Twitter: @TeaspoonVFX



Instagram: @teaspoonvfx


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Comic History Mysteries #4 | Myths & Folklore


This episode the Ramblin Phoenix, The Voice and The Janitor discuss myths and folklore as influences on comics and media.

[podbean resource=”episode=f54wp-8c1851″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”108″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

Show Notes:

To begin Ramblin wants to first discuss the elephant in the room when discussing myth and comics, which is Neil Gaiman, who work is so steeped and influenced by myth it is nearly a genre unto itself.

Dragon Ball is brought of as an example of a story that was inspired by the Chinese myth “Journey to the West.”
…it devolves for a bit there… in which they hit upon the comic Lucifer, Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle, Wreck it Ralph, and the Netflix show Castlevania.

The discussion moves onto trickster figures in myth. Beginning with the Hawaiian demigod Maui. Loki is perhaps the most famous of the trickster figures. Ramblin goes on to explain how the Marvel Universe actually changed many of the aspects and connections found in Norse mythology. That leads to a discussion of some real Norse myths, followed by a comparison between Thor and Hercules.
This evolves into a discussion about the history of theater, and the conception of the idea of “The Age of Heros.”

Ramblin also wants to cut Hades some slack as he seems to be made out to be the Greek version of the devil when he actually did his job while Zeus could not keep it in his pants.

The group next brings up how comics often will take inspiration or use characters from different myths as part of their story arcs.

The group moves on from ancient myth to a more modern myth: Cthulhu. There is a fascination with playing the idea of ripping away the veil of reality.
Next, the topic of different versions of the same story is discussed. Ramblin feels that it is not helpful to try to find A “definitive” version but enjoy what different versions are trying to say with these same characters.
The Janitor being up the thought that that is something that indie comics do all the time which is taking these myths and retaining them in brand new ways to tell a new story.

In the end, myths make interesting stories and continue to inspire new stories in many different mediums but especially in comics.

For more history fun with the Ramblin Phoenix’s check out his history blog:

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Episode #33 | How to Love Everything Forever with Spencer Scott Holmes

Wanna learn how to do a million things at once? Wanna fall in love with your craft every single day? Wanna learn how find the good in every practice? Wanna learn how to never have a bad day? Look no further than the B-12 sunshine rocketship that is Spencer Scott Holmes, the man who does everything.

[podbean resource=”episode=fzci9-8bd5c5″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”108″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

Like many kings and queens of nerd life, Spencer’s love of creativity began in an introductory class to audio/video work way back in elementary school. Spencer also fell in love with music and began playing in bands in high school. His love of film never waned, and he eventually turned all that love into a passion for scriptwriting, filmmaking, animation and even podcasting. Take all that creativity, add an unparalleled zest for life and an unstoppable, infectious nerd joy and you’ve got the creative genesis genius machine kind enough to do this episode of Adventures in Interviewing with us. He manages to work out, eat pizza and enjoy retro gaming in his “spare time”- as if he had any. He’s managed to write 4 issues of his debut comic Pizza Boyz in a year, he works out as a hobby, and somehow manages to maintain an awesome relationship at the same time. What’s your excuse? Yeah, I thought so….

Spencer and I had a tremendous conversation regarding the nature of complaining. More importantly, we talked about why complaining is a bunch of BS. All the technology, all the information, all the connective possibility, and yet many creatives are still unhappy. They find ways to make excuses instead of progress. For Spencer, that just doesn’t compute. He does odd jobs to get buy while focusing on the projects that give him meaning. As long as he manages to exercise in the morning, he’s able to devote the majority of his energy towards the projects that he values most- mainly creating comics. He talks about the difference between a hobby, a job and career and the importance of that divide. Make no mistake, if you wanna learn how to multitask without being overwhelmed; If you wanna learn how to focus, and refocus multiple times a day; If you wanna redefine your life around not what you make, but rather, how you make it then put your nerd boots on. This dude is gonna kick your creative juice into a brand new atmosphere.

Don’t forget to check out the links below for information on Spencer Scott Holmes

Creative Website:

Twitter: @SpencerSHolmes

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Comic History Mysteries | Episode 3: “How we Consume Media”


On today’s show, The Voice and the Ramblin Phoenix are joined by…a guy that just works here.

[podbean resource=”episode=jzd8h-8bcecf” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”106″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]

Today’s discussion covers how the consumption of comics and other media has changed in the last 20 years.

The Phoenix was recently playing his new Nintendo Switch and realized how many indie games are thriving on the Switch, and these game were initially meant to be played on the PC, but are finding a new life on the hybrid console.

He goes on to talk about how he primarily consumes comics digitally, even though that is not how comics were conceived to be enjoyed.

On the flip side to the new ways of consuming media, there is also a pushback in which older and previously thought defunct ways of consuming media are having a resurgence. For example, even though digital books had a major part in the fall of the big box store, mom and pop bookstores are the most popular they have been for a long time.

The guy who works here, who is a musician, relates his experience of still purchasing physical CDs in a world of digital downloads.

The discussions evolve to discuss how physical comics printing has changed and the resurgence of value. There is a tension between purity of product (i.e a vinyl) vs lower quality but a higher density of a product (i.e. 1000 songs on an iPod).

Manga is brought up as an example of an industry which the change of format (physical to digital) has made the art more popular but because the content is being shared for free the industry is struggling.

The shifts to how iTunes, and later streaming services, changed music industry for better and for worse.

There has been a reaction of these new way of consumption with a new popularity of an older style of consumption be it vinyl, hardcover books, or physical comics.

These new formats, like the rise in audiobooks, have also allowed people to find more of the things they might like more easily.

Somehow, the discussion goes onto an extended discussion topic of fan fiction.

Next up is a discussion about how a new patronage model is appearing and is positivity effect on these industries.  In addition, there is a whole new level of personal interaction between artists and consumers.

Ramblin Phoenix then brings up some real history and discusses how people in history reacted to changes in how books were consumed. He then quotes a 16th-century academic who was dubious about how engaging with books would change when they were printed instead of handwritten.

They conclude with final thoughts that this is a new interconnected time of opportunity for artists and how artists might be surprised in the was a consumer chooses to engage with their art.

For more history fun with the Ramblin Phoenix’s check out his history blog:

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Episode #32 | The Distribution Game with Anne Bean of Emerald Comics Distro


Wanna know how to navigate comic distribution? Wanna know how to juggle multiple creative plates at once? Wanna learn how to create and survive a dedicated con schedule? Look no further than the one-woman-show powerhouse behind Emerald Comics Distribution, Anne G. Bean.

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Anne has only been in distribution game since the tail end of 2016, and she’s already a force to be reckoned with in the world of comics. She got to press up the wazzoooo early on starting with Seattle Vanguard. This was simply the beginnings of a rustling wind bound to be a hurricane. Anne might call it luck. I don’t disagree with luck playing a role, but I’ll never believe luck is completely responsible for any outcome in business. The press and following that has steadily grown in such a short time follow Anne because of her dedication to the profession and her clients.

Her solid understanding of comic distribution and how its morphed/shifted since the 90’s has given her more than a leg up in not just the indie comic industry but graphic storytelling as a whole. Her client care goes beyond personal introductions at cons and showing at random comic shops in and around Oregon. Her research and dedication have lead to a blueprint of distribution. She understands the necessity of its service, the path to take for success, and where the cracks have formed along the way. There’s no doubt that the future of Emerald Comics Distro is a bright one and The Comixcentral Podcast is thrilled to be a megaphone for people like Anne whose tireless heart is making comic distribution a respectable institution once again, chipping away at Diamond one comic shop at a time.

Don’t forget to check out the links below for information on Emerald Comics Distro, Anne’s upcoming panel and distribution in general.


Twitter: @EmeraldDistro

Instagram: Emeraldcomicsdistro

Link to Anne’s ECCC panel on distribution coming up:

Some comics distribution history for context:


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Comic History Mysteries Episode 2: PIRATES!


Y’aarrrr!! On this the second episode of Comic History Mysteries, we be talking about pirates!

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Show Notes:

The Ramblin Phoenix was struck by something said in an interview with Watchman creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.  In a world like Watchman where superheroes are real, the comics would have to turn somewhere else for “fantastical” storytelling. They came the conclusion that that very well could have been pirates. This is why there is a pirate comic featured in Watchmen. The Ramblin Phoenix then goes on to explain why he is someone who can speak on the topic of pirates:

  1. His father claimed he had been captured by pirates a boy.
  2. He worked at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World.
  3. In graduate school, he took a class on pirate history

The Voice also worked a Disney, he has many excellent, but non-pirate related stories. He will share those stories if there interest on our twitter @cxcpodcast    

Not only do pirates show up in Watchman, in The Tales of the Black Freighter, but in the urban fantasy series, Mercy Thompson, where the werewolf pack relieves tension by playing a pirate video game.    

The Ramblin Phoenix goes on to note that comics are often associated with superhero stories, but while connected they are not synonymous and comics very well may have focused on pirates or other topics had circumstance been different.

He goes on to briefly talk about the history of movie pirates, and how for many years they were not at all profitable.

…The Voice really likes Muppets…which leads to Ramblin Phoenix having an ADD moment.

The discussion moves onto the Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island” and how it originated many of the classic pirate tropes.  

Also is how Robert Newton, who played Long John Silver in the Disney 1950’s version of Treasure Island, created what we think of as the pirate voice. The real pirate voice was an amalgamation of a large number of languages and dialects. But historians agree, there was a lot of swearing.  

Captain Charles Johnson 1724 book, A General History Of Pirates is considered an early collection of primary source stories about real pirates.  He then goes on define that when we think of “Pirates” we generally are thinking ‘The Golden age of Piracy,” 1650s-1730s. But that reminds the Phoenix of a story about Julius Caesar and how he dealt with pirates.

He then starts laying out the historical breakdown of the three eras of Piracy in the Golden Age. Each age is discussed in the context of a famous pirate. For the Privateer era: Sir Francis Drake. For the Buccaneer era: Captain Henry Morgan. And for the Black Flag Freebooter era: Black Beard and Black Bart.

In this discussion, we also highlight the Spanish pillaging of gold in the Americas, which is one reason those ships were attacked.

Also highlighted is the reason for the romantasiciton of pirates, in that they chose to change the rules by which they live by and create a new life, which required them to turn their backs on everything they knew before. The is followed by a discussion of the issue with the idea of buried pirate treasure.

The Princess Bride even gets a mention.

They then wrap all the way back to indie comics. Showing how indelible the idea of pirates moves from history to storytelling as compelling inspiration, highlighting some interesting pirates comic coming out France.

They then highlight pirates in modern comics, most of which are Marvel and DC tuning their characters into pirates for a story arc.

The discussion ends by highlighting the most popular comic in the world currently, which is a pirate comic- the Manga, One Piece.

If you are interested in more on pirates feel free to check out the Ramblin Phoenix’s history blog:  where he has recently uploaded a new post on Port Royal Jamaica, the Pirate town so evil it was smote by God!

Sources mentioned in the Podcast:

Marcus Rediker, Villains of all Nations

Captain Charles Johnson General History of Pirates

Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island

Disney’s Treasure Island

Muppet Treasure Island

Nigel Mitchell, AVAST! It’s The 15 Best Pirates in Comics

French Comics:

Christophe Blain, Isaac the Pirate

Clair de Lune Dread MacFarlane

The Famous French Comic Asterix

Eiichiro Oda,  One Piece


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Comics History Mysteries #1


On this Very First Comics History Mysteries, “The Voice” and “The Ramblin Phoenix” have a conversation about things from comics that have crossed over to mainstream culture and how often we don’t even think about or realize they are from comics.

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Show Notes:

The show begins with introductions and what we envision for this new and exciting podcast. While the episodes will always use indie comics as a jumping off point all nerd culture, and all of history is open for discussion.

The conversation moves on to examples of history influencing comics using examples like Watchman, Sandman, Fables, and V for Vendetta.

In order to highlight the inverse of how comic book phrases and ideas entered popular culture, the “Dynamic Duo” use Superman as an example and speak at length about Superman references in popular culture and music.

The conversation rambles on to highlight different phrases that began in comics and can be found in popular culture and add some historical context to those phrases.

The topic then changes to the discussion of ancient history, oral history, and prehistory. Followed by a brief discussion of the “comics are for kids.” debate, in which the Ramblin Phoenix brings up an issue of Sandman and a detail in Watchmen that he believes could only be done justice in the comic book medium.

The conversation moves on to a discussion about how storytelling in comics is necessarily different from those in books. Followed by how we consume comics.

The Ramblin Phoenix wishes to emphasize at this point that he has ADHD.

The conversation circles all the way back and ends by highlighting even more words we may not have realized originated in comics.

Articles Mentioned on the Podcast:

 MentalFloss: 10 Words & Phrases Coined in Comic Strips

Top 10 list of Superman Mentions in Pop Music:

Youtube Show: What’s the Difference:

Ramnblin Phoenix’s Article about Urban Fantasy and Comics:



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Episode #31 | Crushing the Comic-con with Shaun Keenan Paulet


Wanna know how to handle any con the nerd nation throws at you? Wanna know how to raise a family and still make money doing comics?

Wanna know how to separate yourself from the pack when you’re at a table surrounded by hundreds, or even thousands of storytellers? Wanna learn how to juggle the art and business of collaboration? Look no further than this podcast and the sage advice of Australia’s number one indie comic universe maker Mr. Shaun Keenan.

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Shaun used to go to between 20 and 30 cons or more per year as a result of his vastly successful Xtreme Champion Tournament universe and of course his very successful memorabilia platform, Comics2Movies. He’s dropped back to around 20 per year because he’s got the courage and skill set to juggle his passion for nerd culture with fatherhood. Heed this man’s ear if you want to learn how to live several successful lives at once. It’s not easy, but it is worth it, and there are lots of valuable lessons to be had along the way.
Shaun and I talk about what made his book special compared to other indie comics in a similar market and how you can work a con to your advantage by being genuine. We also learn how to set up a con table properly, how to make everything visible to your audience, and how to have a conversation and a “pitch” at the same time.XCT_comixcentral XCT-comixcentral 1
No man is an island in the world of indie comics, and Shaun has somehow managed to bring together 6 talented people who are all passionate about the Xtreme Champion Tournament universe over the last several years and beyond. He talks about how to have fun and treat comics like a business in the same blink, as well some emotional and memorable moments that can only be experienced at cons if you’ve put yourself out there for the sake of your audience.
Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we couldn’t get through the episode without talking about the incredible support that only a significant other can provide and, of course, the importance of family. He’s our first interviewer all the way from Australia and we certainly hope he isn’t the last. We’re excited to have XCT shared on the website, and he even clued me in on some top secret opportunities that just may pop up in the near future. We’ve been promised a first glance, but I don’t want to give it all away. Taking your con experience to the next level is one thing, but hidden beneath the sage advice is that moment all indie comic creators are looking for. That moment when comics go from being a story on a page to an interactive personal experience.
Xtreme Champion Tournament:
Twitter XCT: @XCTComic
Twitter C2M: @Comics_2_Movies



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Episode #30 | Success in Indie Comic Publishing with Peter Simeti


Wanna know what it takes to succeed in indie publishing? Wanna know how to really engage with a fan base, get their attention, and keep it? Wanna know how to come at this industry from a place of service and come out on top on the other side? This is the podcast for you.

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It’s my distinct pleasure to interview the one and only Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics. Peter is also famous for his indie horror masterpiece The Chair, which was ultimately turned into a film not too long ago. Bottom line: this guy knows indie comics and we’ve got a front row seat to his mastery.peter-simeti-interview-comixcentral

Peter and I talked about falling in and out of love with comics over the years. Getting into publishing was initially about giving his own stories a voice, but he kept coming across the tremendous talents of others and he just couldn’t keep the magic to himself. We talk about developing a genuine relationship with your followers and friends on social media. We talk about when and how to go for “the ask.” We also talk about what Peter looks for in a story so if you’re interested in pitching your work than this episode is definitely a can’t miss. Last but not least we talk about the cliches of the comic world and how to make your comic just a little different, even if you do insist on writing another superhero story.

Alterna Comics - ComixCentral Podcast

Peter Simeti has already reset the chess board of publishing by bringing back newsprint.

As a marketer and creator, you can learn a lot from Peter in terms of what it means to really disrupt an industry. This is especially inspiring for someone who was on the verge of considering bankruptcy just before having a book get on the New York Times Bestseller List in 2012. It takes a long period of dedicated hard work to build a service that stands above the rest. There’s no question that Peter Simeti is breaking through the surface and I’ve got a feeling that this is still just the beginning for Alterna Comics. We’re proud to support what he’s doing for creators and fans alike and if you want to be a game changer this is the man to emulate for now and years to come.





Instagram: @alternacomics


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Episode #29 / Determination Perfection and Art Direction with Kyle Hester


Do you have a passion for film and comics? Wanna know how the creative process for one can be an asset to the other? Honestly,  does your determination just need a kick in the pants?

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This is the perfect episode for you. We’ve got the indie Hollywood man who does it all. Kyle Hester is an actor, producer, art director and more. He’s got plenty of credits to his name and all the humility and wisdom that comes with it. He’s a spitfire king of the road mix master who knows how to handle everything from emotional transformation to social media sorcery. He’s a tremendous storyteller with humor for days, and that’s just me getting started.

Kyle and I definitely get into the nature of Hollywood hustle but Kyle’s not your run-of-the-mill camera king. He could have gone full Hollywood like some of his counterparts but he chose to keep it indie and his advice reflects a passion for new projects that deserve to be seen. Of course, we get into his upcoming films like Preacher Six and Zombie with a Shotgun, but we also got to share in the hard times that come along with running on all four cylinders for the sake of success. We talk about everything from crowdfunding to set building. We talk mentorship and creative growth. We talk about Kyle working with his wife on Preacher Six and how it came about and of course we talk about similarities between indie film and indie comics. Hey, we even talk about Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics and Kyle’s work on the film adaptation of his horror graphic novel The Chair.

Other head nods include talk around Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Team America World and our mutual respect for Naomi Grossman of American Horror Story fame. She plays The Blue Nun in Preacher Six so you definitely don’t wanna miss this. He’s the most inspiring man you’ll find in indie this side of the Netherrealm.

Don’t forget to follow the #PreacherSixArmy on Twitter:

Follow Kyle on Instagram @Kylehesterland

Preacher Six IMDB:

Support their Indiegogo:

Kyle’s CXC promo vid:


No art without indie


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Episode #28 | Newton Lilavois


Do you struggle with juggling 9 to 5 obligations with your comic creativity? Are you a new writer in need of support? Are you desperate to find inspiration for the first page of your graphic novel?

Check out this new indie comic craftsman originally hailing from Haiti. Have no fear, Newton Lilavois is here! He’s also a genuine indie comic convert who started with our generic superheroes and graduated to the world of indie comics via Walking Dead. Like I always say, need an army? Zombies got yo’ back… unless they’re… hungry…

In addition to being a tremendous supporter of the indie comic movement through Kickstarter, he also happens to be a brilliant writer originally from Haiti. It doesn’t get much more topical than that and we’re grateful to have him on The Comix Central Podcast. He talks about the creative process behind Crescent City monsters. Both the story and the interview focus on the invaluable support that comes from family and what happens when it’s taken away. It’s a zombie twist with a backdrop of Haitien mythological history. Check it out or be left out.

Crescent City Monsters Page

He doesn’t shy away from his support of other indie comics. We talk Cognition, and The Werespider (a reimagining of the African folktale Anansi).  He admits drawing inspiration from other mediums like television. He references the online program Master Class as initial support though he doesn’t always take their advice. Most importantly, Newton talks about the love of the process. Storytelling is a long arduous task. As we all know, it’s not for the faint of heart. Simply “liking” your story just isn’t in the cards. Love is the only way to survive in this business. Luckily, most of the time it’s contagious. As the most successful members of the nerd nation will tell you, learn by doing. I’m excited to see Newton’s story develop. Keep up with him at and remember friends, you can’t finish what you don’t have the courage to start in the first place.

Love the stories you tell, because they’re gonna be with you for a long time. – Newton Lilavois

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Connect with Newton

twitter Instagram

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Episode #27 | Ben Miller

Do you know how to handle diversity in your comic? Do you have the courage to get real with the culture clash of your characters? More importantly, do you know how to handle controversial storytelling with grace? If you want to learn, be sure to check out this week’s podcast with culture comic creator Ben Miller.

“Comics belong to everyone!” – Ben Miller

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Hardship makes for great storytelling. Ben Miller’s Judges is a tremendous example in multicultural heroism done just right. In this episode, we learn about character/cultural research and why it’s important in comics. If you take the risk of writing what you don’t fully understand you’d better be meticulous or you run the risk of alienating the very audience you’re trying to reach. Culture goes way beyond the skin we see on the surface and stereotype shortcuts have no place in a well written comic. You don’t have to take my word for it. Read judges, and you’ll see how indie comics is the perfect universe for cultural courage to exist free of red tape and badly filmed afterschool specials. Working in a youth center has obviously had an effect on Ben’s storytelling and it shows in the best way. Having passion is one thing, but contagious passion is something completely different. The best passion and vulnerability give others permission to do the same. It certainly did that for me.

If that’s not enough, we talk some great superhero comics from Dark Horse. We look at the top 3 tips for going to a con as a new creator with your first book. We learn about groups you can join to become a better creator and marketer and even some “how to” books regarding writing and artistry. Above all, we are reminded to temper our expectations, stay humble, and use controversy to our advantage because sometimes causing a stir is the only way to get your message out there.

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Connect with Ben

twitter EnjoyComics

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Episode #26 | Patrick Trahey

Are you struggling to find the right illustrator for your comic? Are you stuck within a crappy collaboration going nowhere fast but you don’t really know how to break it off? Do you maybe just want to suck a little less at writing?

We’ve got that covered and much more on this weeks episode of Adventures in Interviewing with the one and only Patrick Trahey. He’s a soldier of a story like none before him. He’s got 10 years of comic creativity experience to bring to the table. He’s the singular incendiary spirit behind the short stories of Sol comics. He’s the powerhouse behind a new apocalyptic thriller to be released on February 28th, 2018 called The XII. It’s a creepy noir meets grapes of wrath vibes will have you glued to nostalgic graphics page after page, and we’ve got the skinny on the first 5 issue arc before anybody else. When everything is falling apart the only thing that matters is family.

It’s funny what you stumble into once you decide that making video games isn’t all that its cracked up to be, but Patrick has found his stride in the comic world by creating relationships at cons and beyond. He constantly challenges himself as a writer in more ways than one and has mastered “the ask” it takes to share his vision with the masses. It’s no wonder this wunderkind is being picked up by Alterna comics. He has a passion for multiple mediums, but comics just seemed to be the perfect fit. Exposition still sucks but Patrick has a way around it. Above all, we are reminded that when you write the script for a comic book your audience is your illustrator whether you like it or not.

The XII - Episode #26 | Patrick Trahey
The XII – Episode #26 | Patrick Trahey

Come along for the ride and please subscribe to new indie comic knowledge every Friday from now until forever.

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Episode #25 | Stephen McCoy


Will we ever run out of stories to tell? Blogger and history junky Stephen McCoy doesn’t seem to think so.

On this weeks episode of “Adventures in Interviewing” Chris Hendricks interviews Stephen McCoy. They tackle the use of tropes in storytelling, how comics represent our modern day mythology and the importance of using Indie comics to shine a spotlight on current social issues as seen in Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez’s “La Borinqueña”; a much-needed highlight on a Puerto Rican superhero giving hope and culture back to the worlds biggest tiny island in their time of need in the wake of hurricane Maria’s devastation.

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Connect with Stephen:

twitter  |  cxc profile   |


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Episode #24 | J Adam Farster


On this weeks episode of “Adventures in Interviewing” Chris Hendricks interviews  J. Adam Farster

“There’s probably gonna be a robot.”

Join Chris while he finds out makes the delightfully inspiring and motivating creator of the Humalien series, J. Adam Farster tick! Adam, Indie Comic creator, graphic designer, Kickstarter, and one of the founding members of the Indie Comic think tank and collaboration group, “The Lab”, shares his own personal origin story, how he creates his comics and drops some mad wisdom for new and wanna’ be creators along the way. So turn it up, put your brain on “soak in” mode and let’s meet J. Adam Farster!

 “Don’t be afraid of failing, because the entire process is about failing.
Even when you’re succeeding, you’re probably failing somewhere”. – J Adam Farster

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Connect with Adam

Twitter  |  CXC Profile