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The CXC Podcast Episode #38 | Why Webcomics Matter- Star Prichard

Star Prichard | Comics and Cosplay are always on her mind!

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Do you have a passion for webcomics? Do you know how to get started? Do you know how to create a joke or an emotional reaction within a 4-panel comic? Look no further my friends- Star Prichard is here to save the day.

Star began her journey in comics in elementary school. It was always more fun to hang out in the back of a class and draw comics rather then, you know…be an extrovert. Don’t let the label fool you. She brings an untapped energy and initiative to the table that will make even the most disciplined comic creators drop their pencils in awe. combine that with an exceptionally welcoming personality and it’s no wonder she’s the dynamo behind a webcomic like Castoff. She credits her dad for giving her some artistic perspective and let her addiction to multiple projects take off from there. Her drive, as inspiring as it is, pales in comparison to her desire to shine a light on webcomics that seems way over do.

As Star would say, webcomics are awesome because no one can tell you what not to do. Sounds a lot like indie comics in general, but here’s a just a couple of things you can learn from this queen of creativity. Maybe you’re interested in running a panel at a con. She’s done several including San Japan. Would you like to learn how to build up your instagram as an artist using fan art? Maybe you wanna learn the challenges of having a Patreon and how to overcome them? Most of all, you’re gonna learn why webcomics still have an audience worth reaching. That alone makes this episode a must listen. She reminds us that comics, unlike animation, can be done by yourself in an amount of time that allows you to still have a life. While her marketing skills are self taught, her art on the other hand comes from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In short: she knows what she’s doing friends.

Read the award-winning WebComic series “Castoff” here

Inspirations for her work comes from basically everywhere but here’s a couple of specifics

Hanna is not a Boy’s Name by Tess Stone

Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich

Soul To Call by Katherine Lang aka Rommie or Rommieren

Connect with Star and learn more about her work

Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Tumbler  |  Website

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