James Bong Comics

The not-so-top-secret online headquarters of the JBU: James Bong Universe.

James Bong is a Cannafied Crusader, dedicated to smoking out the enemies of legalization!

His world is created and illustrated by an international team of artists. Creator James Longshore is from the U.S. and co-writer Bianca Mina hails from Bucharest, Romania. Line Art is created in Mexico by Joaquin Gear, Inked and Lettered by DOCInks in Chile, and colored to perfection by Luca Romana in Italia! Through the magic of the internet we roll it up and pass it to you!

Mr. Longshore previously introduced our hero in a live-action origin film that premiered in festivals in 2005. You can see some clips and a trailer here:

James Bong has been published in serialized form in magazines across the world since 2014, and here at Comix Central we are finally able to offer you digital copies of the collected editions previously available only at events and conventions!

If you dig it, please support the team, download the deluxe editions and leave reviews so we can share more exciting adventures with all our new buds! After all, sharing is caring!

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Showing all 4 results