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2018 ComixCentral Comic of the Year Award Winners!


The year 2018 brought ComixCentral a bevy of new and awesome Indie Comics from some of the best and brightest stars in the Indie game. We are so fortunate and proud to have these titles available on our site. The quality of content made this years awards quite the challenge to decide on. So what did we do to help remedy this problem? We called in the Heavy Hitters, we brought in six of the biggest names in comics and dropped the tough decisions in their laps! We were so lucky to be joined this year by Jim Lawson, Ben Bishop, Michael Lent, Charlie Adlard, Pat Mills, And Robin Etherington! They were tasked with selecting a winner in a specific category of their choosing. Jim Lawson was also so kind to select two category winners, including the toughest job of all, Comic of the Year! Below is a list of all the winners and comments by our celebrity judges and members of our ComixCentral staff on why they thought that book or creator was deserving of the win. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners this year! Keep creating and knocking our socks off!

*Click on the covers to BUY the comic and support some of the best Indie creators in the world!*


Winner- Stroper

By- Eddie Porter

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“We loved how Stroper sets up the story in this issue with a masterclass of visual storytelling. The minimal speech and text give an exemplar in just how it’s posible to build a story setup, world(s) and create a specific sense of character in a single issue. Stoper dispenses with extensive exposition with engaging effect. It’s unique style and tone set this story up perfectly for the action that follows. And set up for a 10 issue story arc readers are in for a real blast from this deserved winner for best action adventure.” – Jamie Norman (CXC Staff)


Winner– The Legend of Polloman

By: Gonzalo Alvarez

Judge– Robin Etherington (Disney, Dreamworks, Etherington Bros.)

“Polloman was engaging from the off: a deep dive into Mexican folklore with beautiful visuals. The art style was fresh and playful and perfectly complemented the tone of the tale. I loved the consistent use of language translation between the panel borders. More please! Dirk Brody was a straight up slice of action adventure joy. Like the protagonists themselves we’re thrown in at the deep end and hang on, breathless, till the last desperate escape. The choice of limited colour palette works wonders with the clean inking. It’s fun and bold, giving precious little of the obviously larger ongoing plot away, and being none the poorer for it’s omission. Bravo!” –Robin Etherington

*Robin would like to make a special mention of Dirk Brodey: The Lost Empire of the Moon! as runner up in the category.


Winner- Fetch

Writer – Nicholas Poonamallee

Artist – Szymon Sobczak

Judge- Jim Lawson (TMNT, Dragonfly)

“Pretty Damn Awesome! An entertaining and lively book had my interest from page 1. The art particularly arresting with thoughtful panel layouts and use of B+W. Also nice use of both simple and detailed linework. Portrayal of action was just stunning.Story- clever and funny. Characters were good and the dialogue worked well. The plot itself nothing new really but that didn’t stop me from reading with anticipation to the end, and closing the book wanting more. Great job.” – Jim Lawson


Winner – Starside

By–  Dylan Klein, Lane Brettschneider and Jordan Chao.

Judge– ComixCentral Staff

“A masterful execution of character development and suspense. From the minute this beautifully illustrated and written comic begins, the reader is drawn into the main character “Jack’s” world. A simple, straight forward life existing of a day to day before school ritual, contact with a beloved sibling and typical teen angst over girls and grades. The writer takes their time, telling the story properly, not rushed to “ge to the action” and we appreciate the trust they have in the reader. When the action does begin, we were not disappointed. In Fact a rush of goosebumps told us just how good this team really is. A well deserved win, we can hardly wait for issue #2!” – Leigh Jeffery (CXC Staff) 


Winner- Six:Eight

Writer- Michael T. Gonzalez

Art & Letters- Allen Byrns

Judge- Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead)

“Ok read everything… and the winner is…SIX : EIGHT! Out of the shortlist I read, it was the book that had the strongest combination of art and story – something I look for always – if it’s not 50/50 story/art, then it’s failing as a comic. On top of that the art style was gloriously textural and atmospheric, which worked well with the downbeat seedy nature of the story. Nice subtle touches too… stuff that stays with you well after you read the book. It’s always hard for print media to compete with film and TV when doing horror, since that medium can capitalise on tension and the the jump scare due to its format, so comics etc have to seek out other ways to scare the reader – imagery, concept – and Six : Eight achieves that really well.” – Charlie Adlard


Winner- Alex Priest

Writer- Jenn Arledge

Art- Scott Malin

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“This was my introduction to the Alex Priest series and I can tell you one thing, I am disappointed……IN MYSELF! I can’t believe I hadn’t yet read any of the available books in the series before we started the awards process. Jenn Arledge has crafted a fun and exciting world for her characters to reek havoc in. Scott Malin’s art is a perfect fit for the tone of the story. In this issue I really enjoyed how the two storylines were on opposite ends of the spectrum. One being full of action and fear and the other a happy reconciliation. And then when it matters most when the storylines collided towards the end of the issue it left me feeling satisfied and the cliffhanger left me wanting to pick up the next issue! Everyone needs to go and read all the issues in this series, they won’t be sorry!” – Joey Sheehan (CXC Staff)


Winner- Dead Ronin

By- Luke Brown

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“There is only one choice for best manga. Its Dead Ronin. The best way to describe this book is to imagine strapping yourself to a rocket and hold tight. From page one it never lets up. Luke’s artwork only gets better with each new page. His style perfectly captures the high speed action without missing any of beautiful detail. The story hits you from the start and trust me once you start you will not want to put it down. Luke has pushed himself and this series to the highest point and its brilliant.” – Craig Johnson (CXC Staff)


Winner- The Pale

Writer- Sanders Fabares

Art- Jay Fabares

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“For us ‘The Pale’ represents everything that’s great about Indie comics. The freedom to tell new, interesting stories, beautiful artwork, and excellent story craft. This story builds an engaging mystery expertly told with excellent characterisation and wonderfully brought to life. The character devleopment is well placed allowing the you to learn and invest more in them as the story unfolds. This book has production values the belies the two creators behind it (Sanders and Jay Fabares) and they should be really proud of what they’ve created here. This award was for the comic of the week winning issue but we totally recommend checking out all the issues in this story. We see big things ahead for this creative team.” – Jamie Norman (CXC Staff)


Winner- Astr0 Pi6

By- Justin Sunseri

Judge- Pat Mills (Judge Dredd, 2000AD)

“It was a surprising choice for me. I really hadn’t expected it to be the one I would go for as the comic world I write for is so very different. I’ll explain more about this in a moment. But as I read it , I was drawn into the concept and the art. The images are inspired and beautiful. The story premise seems highly original. I’ve certainly never come across anything like it before. It was written and drawn from the heart and thus didn’t fall into any of the obvious traps – e.g. being too cute, too cliched, or too educational/moralising etc. There was a joy in the creation which communicates itself to the readers. A ‘feel good’ factor without the gooey soft centre of a Hallmark film.

I think it has enormous social and commercial potential and I found myself wondering how the series would develop. Who had commissioned the pig to go on his space travel and why. How would the pig deal with other challenges. What other science fiction worlds he might visit.

In Britain, there’s, rightly, considerable professional hostility to educational and middle class comics and I’m one of their fiercest critics. Primarily because such comics are usually smug, patronising,sustain our wretched class system. and working class kids in the UK – the largest potential audience – tend to hate them. I turned to Astro Pig fully expecting it to be the American equivalent and intending to quickly move on to the other comics. To my surprise I was completely captivated by it – it has none of the negative attributes I feared it might have.

It is truly delightful and an outstanding winner!” – Pat Mills


Winner- Canada Bear

Creator, Pencils, Cover- Paul Farris

Writer, Letterer- Sean Wilson

Line Artist- Carlos Azevedo

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“The obvious choice for Best Super Hero of the bunch was Canada Bear. Everything a good Super Hero story should be. A proper origin story, an out of control baddy, the world in chaos and we have only one hope. A steely eyed, massively muscled, smooth talkin’, catch phrase dropping hero to save the day eh! Canada Bear has the all the elements that make for a delightful Comic read. The artwork has that wonderfully classic Saturday morning cartoon feel that assures me I’m going to be giggling and entertianed with the flip of every page. The story lines flows perfectly from punch line to punch line, and the charming dialogue fits each character like a glove. A delightful read for all ages, and fun fun fun!” -Leigh Jeffery (CXC Staff) 


Winner- The Maroon

By – Derek W. Lipscomb

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“No question about it. The Maroon is the best thriller. No other comic has pulled me in and had me on the edge on my seat at all times. Derek continues with each issue to add more depth, character development and world building. The artwork is consistently amazing and fantastic action set pieces. The Maroon deserves this and so much more. One day I hope to see this adapted for a series as the story is huge and ever expanding.” – Craig Johnson (CXC Staff)


Winner- Mashbone and Grifty

Art & Story- Oscar Garza

Story- Rolando Esquivel

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“If there was one comic series that came to mind when we thought of “Promotion” it was Mashbone and Grifty. Never is there a day that we don’t get an eagerly anticipated eyeful of their fantastic artwork, clever tag lines, click-worthy links, and awesome custom gifs come across our various social media channels. A truly professional marketing effort is being precisely exectuted by this talented group of creators and we can’t get enough! Not to mention they are putting out one fo the most creative, beautifully illustrated and hilariously written indie comics on the market “Mang!” ” – Leigh Jeffery (CXC Staff)


Winner- The Maroon

By – Derek W. Lipscomb

Judge- ComixCentral Staff

“Derek Lipscomb is the obvious choice. No one in the indie comics community does as much as Derek. He supports every indie comic he comes across. He’ll retweet a project you are working on, an ad you have going and he reaches out and gives words of wisdom and guidance. He has on more than one occasion helped me and cheered me. He is an inspiration to not just me but to everyone in Indie. Derek is undoubtably the heart of the Indie Comics community. We are all lucky to have him on our side!” – Craig Johnson (CXC Staff)



The People’s choice award was an open vote to the fans of ComixCentral. We asked them to vote for six of their favorite comics from the past year. When the vote was done we had a top six that was so close we just had to give everyone an award! All these comics are worthy of the award and we are proud to have them on our site!



Winner- BOB: Non-Union Psychic

Written and Scripted- Lance Lucero & Adam Volle

Art- Francisco Resendiz

Letters- Kurt Hathaway

Judge- Michael Lent (Prey, The Lynx)

“BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC #2 is such a fun, fresh and inventive universe. The characters all have interesting backstories. The pacing is spot on. Story elements are properly motivated and dialogue isn’t always carrying water for exposition, something that fellow writers notice. The more I read the more I want to both understand and immerse myself in this idiosyncratic world. There is a seamless integration of vision between writer, artist, letterer and colorist. As a reader, BOB is a full meal experience — story is engaging and each frame is chockablock with interesting elements and attention to detail that reward attentive readers. You are in the moment and yet, aware of the greater universe just outside a given panel or page. I kept thinking that the BOB team really needs to bring out the TPB from #0, 1, & 2. That would be awesome. Like the other books, Bob is really a credit to the CXC universe.” – Michael Lent


Winner- Whisper Wilds

Creator/Writer – Brent Nelson

Art/Letters- Emanuele Arnaldi

Judge- Ben Bishop (The Aggregate, Drawing Blood)

“Emanuele Arnaldi’s artwork in Whisper Wilds is both inventive, and beautiful. The incredible color palette throughout, as well as the brilliantly imaginative character designs, make for a very fleshed out, and immersive world within the story. I want action figures, I want a cartoon, I want to see this book continue for a long time. Love it.” –Ben Bishop


Winner– The Legend of Polloman

By: Gonzalo Alvarez

Judge– Jim Lawson (TMNT, Dragonfly)

“Well- I went through all the books that made the final cut last week. There’s a lot of really impressive stuff there and I wanted to chew on it over the weekend.I had a tough time. There was probably 4 books that I kept coming back to as my top picks. Emotionally there was one that I really dug but in the end I decided on another that I loved, but I felt that the extra effort that had gone into the book and it was a little more expansive in the world-building department. This is the book that I picked as winner. The Legend of Polloman. I love that I went into the book not knowing what my expectations would be. As I flipped through and read the first pages I was really impressed that this was like no other comic that I’ve read and on top of that it was really thoughtfully designed. Plus it was folklore and historical and I’m a sucker for both those things. Then when I was hoping that this would somehow translate into an actual comic story there it was- what I wanted- perfect timing. A good story too. I think it makes the presentation stronger when the characters are relatable and feel emotions and contend with situations just as we do.- fear, hope, frustration- all the human stuff we struggle with. By the end of the book, we begin to see these worlds (human/folklore) coming together. A beautiful, well-crafted comic.” – Jim Lawson


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Lets Meet the Comic Of The Year Awards Guest Judges!


Jim Lawson

Photo from Turtlepedia

Jim is based in Massachusetts and is best known for his work on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics from Mirage Studios. He was an Artist and Writer on the series for more than 20 years. He has drawn more issues of Turtles than any other creator. He created the villain the Rat King who first appeared in I, Monster of the  Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series. He also created the series Planet Racers with Peter Laird as well as Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceuos.

After the sale of the Turtles to Viacom in 2009, Jim started working on his new Indie properties Dragonfly and The Box City Wallops. Look for Jim’s newest project Dragonfly and Hellride coming to Kickstarter this month! Keep up with Jim and all his work through his website JimLawsonArt.


Ben Bishop

Photo from Facebook

Ben is a comic creator from Portland, ME. He self-published his first graphic novel in 2008 called Nathan the Caveman. After that he illustrated the award winning Lost Trail book, a comic adaptation of Lost on a Mountain in Maine. In 2015 He successfully Kickstarted his next graphic Novel The Aggregate, the worlds first Split Decision Comic. It was nominated for a Ringo Award for Best Graphic Novel, the only self-published nominee in that category.

Currently Ben is the artist on Kevin Eastmans Drawing Blood series. He was also the artist on Target R the Raphael Macro series book from IDW. Ben has also worked on properties such as Savage Dragon, Batman, Bloodshot and more! Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter for The Aggregate Book 2 Launching March 1. Keep up with Ben and his work at Bishart


Michael Lent

Photo From The Reading Bud

Michael is a writer and producer based in Los Angeles. He has written comics including the Marvel and Dabel Brothers Publishing Prey: Origin of the Species and The Machine Stops from Alterna Comics. He Co-wrote On Thin Ice, which was based on the life of Hugh Rowland from the series Ice road Truckers. In 2007 Michael wrote Christmas Letters from Hell: All The News We Hate From The People We Love which ended up being the number 1 Holiday Humor book of the year.

Michael has produced on a number of award winning films including Hard Scrambled, Witches’ Night, 2021, If You’re Serious, and the soon to be released To Your Last Death which is an animated Horror Film starring Morena Baccarin and William Shatner. To keep up with the latest news from To Your Last Death including when to catch it in theatre’s, check out their website ToYourLastDeath.


Robin Etherington 

Photo From Jersey Festival

Robin is based in the UK and is one half of the power duo that is The Etherington Brothers.  Along with his Brother Lorenzo, Robin has created Long Gone Don, Von Doogan, Baggae, Monkey Nuts and Freaky and Fearless. They have worked for Disney, Dreamworks, Aardman, The BBC and many book publishers. They have worked on properties including Star Wars, Transformers, How to Train your Dragon, and Kung Fu Panda.

Their blog is a go to for many creators. They have countless tutorials to help creators become better artists by providing countless tips and tricks. To check out the blog and keep up with news and appearance info make sure to visit Robin on Blogspot.


Charlie Adlard

Photo From ComicsBeat

Charlie is a comic artist based in the UK. He is best know for his historic run as the artist on Robert Kirkmans The Walking Dead comic. He has been drawing the series since 2004. Beyond drawing thousands of zombies Charlie has also worked on properties including Judge Dredd, Batman, The Thunderbolts, Mars Attacks, and The X-Files to name a few.

Charlie has also worked on the series Savage with Co-Guest Judge Pat Mills. To keep up with Charlie and his work stay in touch with him on his site CharlieAdlard.


Pat Mills

Photo from WordPress

Pat is the Godfather of British Comics. He has worked on countless titles and has created some of the biggest characters in comics including Judge Dredd. He also created the Sci-Fi comic magazine 2000AD in 1977. 2000AD has featured some of the best talent in comics including Pat, Alan Moore, and Dave Gibbons amongst others. Pat has written some of your favorite characters ranging from Batman to Slaine, Morbius to Punisher, thousands of pages of epic greatness.

Some non comic work includes writing two Doctor Who audio plays in 2008 and 2009. He also recently released his memoirs Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! 2000 AD and Judge Dredd: The Secret History. If you would like to follow Pat and keep up to date with his current work please visit the Millverse.

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First Annual Comics of the Year Award | Winner’s Spotlights

blog-headers_comics-of-the-year spotlight


Indie Comic fans with a finger on the pulse… (deliberate plug to our new newsletter you can sign up to here) … won’t fail to have missed the recent ComixCentral Awards for the best Indie Comics of 2017.

Readers of all things ComixCentral will know this was a tough one! We’re still in our first year but it’s been an amazing ride and the quality and creativity coming out of our creators is truly an inspiration. We’d genuinely love to have given everyone awards but that’s not how these things work (plus these books were already Comic of the Week winners so yay everyone’s a winner anyway!).

One of the hardest things as identifying the categories and then which comics would fit into each one. This is the great thing about indie is that it refuses to be put in a box. So many comics had more than one chance as they were put into every category they could qualify for. We’re not people to limit opportunities for our creators.

We thought we couldn’t just let this moment pass without taking a more detailed look at our winners and give a little bit of insight into why they came away with the big prize in their category. We know you guys don’t do this for the prizes and awards but hey we’re one big community so we’re happy to share the reasons that we love these comics.

So we’re going to go through the categories one by one over the coming days and weeks before getting to the overall winner.

Best Sci-Fi – Folklore Issue 1

“A band of survivors travels across North America after a biological weapon turns the world’s greatest superheroes into horrifying abominations. “

Folklore was created by Random Encounter Comics made up of writer Adam Ma and Illustrator Colin Tan.

In the Sci-fi category, the votes for Folklore were pretty unanimous. The art alone was enough for us to fall in love with this book with its. The rich painterly renditions create an extra dynamic in this story and something often mimicked but rarely mastered.

Turning the superhero format on its head Folklore images and a post-apocalyptic world where superhumans aren’t all we believed they would be.

This story very efficiently sets this scene setting up how the population reacts to a self-imposed cleansing armageddon.

This introductory issue does a fantastic job of setting up the premise for the story. Folklore uses big visuals to create a sense of scale and drama which isn’t overcooked in dialogue or captions. The creators have struck a great balance here and ending this part of the story with a great hook luring you into issue 2.

Sci-fi and ‘Superhero’s are two genre’s where it’s pretty tough to say anything new and at risk of trolling an entire industry does the comic world really need more superhumans? In Folklore, we get a novel take on both and an interesting response to superhero fatigue.

Most of our prizes were awarded to single issues and in this case for issue one but you can read all the way to issue 4 on ComixCentral right now.

Best Thriller – Daughters of Knights

Next up we have the winner of “best thriller” comic.

Daughters of Knights is entirely the work of Steven Rosia and as both writer and artist, he’s been able to bring his vision for this story to life exactly how he imagined it.

Seraphine, accused of witchcraft, recalls the demon who slaughtered her companions and framed her. Daughters of Knights is a medieval horror story about a disfigured girl, slaying monsters, and an uncomfortable, unconventional attraction…

Like many of our winners, this book is a fantastic testament to Indie. Entirely creator produced and couldn’t be further from the tired formats of the big publishers. How many of them would support a strong female character driven medieval horror story?

In this first installment, Steven has managed to set the scene for things to come and build to what looks to be a thrilling series.

Issue One is a masterclass in creating a believable world, characters, and a story arc within this first 24 pages. Something many creators fail to do without getting the balance of overuse of exposition or leaving too much for the reader to fill in between the lines.

And something else specific to stronger indie creators Daughters of Knights makes no attempts to ‘borrow’ from popular tropes to gain an audience or copy particular artists. If you’ve met Steven in real life you’ll know he’s not one just to go with the crowd and that pays testament in his work. Steven has cultivated his own illustration style here which works perfectly with the tone of this story. And this is matched in his writing which perfectly captures the medieval tone without resorting to stereotyped shortcuts.

The judges enjoyed this introduction to the story and can’t wait to discover what happens to Seraphine next. Like all the others this was a particularly tough category but the strong unique story and Steven’s efforts to produce this work single-handedly, definitely gave him the edge here.

Best MysteryThe White Room of the Asylum

 ‘Best Mystery’ awarded to The White Room of the Asylum

Written By Luke Melia, Art by David Anderson, Bobby Penafiel, Kat Fajardo, Omaik Neiv, Zev Zimmerman and Vinny Smith

The White Room could have fit a number of categories as it’s a story that transcends many traditional genres but it’s a mystery that it really shines. The tale of focuses on the tape-recorded memoirs of an old man named Steve who recently committed suicide. The tapes tell of the last period of his stay at the Soraberg Asylum and his discovery of what he came to call ‘The White Room.’ The White Room is an infinite space of pure white in which the residents can create anything they can think up. Over time more residents gain access to this mysterious place. Thus begins a series of events that stretches Steve’s sanity to its limits.

This book is very much more in the realms of graphic novel stretching to over 150 pages. But Luke Melia’s story rattles along at some pace, drawing you further and further into this twisted world and the events leading up to Steve’s eventual demise (that’s not a spoiler, by the way, you know from the start what’s happened, the story still engages you in discovering what secrets the White Room holds).

What the judges liked about this book, beyond the captivating story, was the use of multiple artists, one for each chapter if the book. It’s common to have to switch artists particularly in the world of Indie when sometimes that’s enforced, but here it’s done in a way to make a truly collaborative work in a really interesting way. And with 6 different illustration styles to content with this story does a great job in managing some visual continuity across the chapters.

One thing that really works well and, a great example of the constraints of self-published indie being turned into a strength, is the use and restriction of colour. By using just black and white art to represent the white Room this book turns what could be a constraint into a really bold way to create some strong visual storytelling. The White Room itself and the view from inside the minds of the residents give an opportunity for the writer and artists alike to really go to town with some imaginative narratives.

This book represents so much of what we love about indie at ComixCentral. Things like a real freedom to tell a story without censorship (it does include some pretty adult content), a truly collaborative effort on the part of the creators, all expertly coordinated by the writer, and some really creative approaches to working within the limitations of self-publishing. And all that’s on top of an incredibly novel and creative story arc which really draws you into the life of these characters.

We asked Luke for a comment on the White Room and this is what he said,

“Creating “The White Room of the Asylum” was an interesting challenge. We’d just spent over 2 years putting together our first book, Oculus, and the goal for producing the white room was to do it quicker. Whilst the illustrators were working on Oculus, I wrote the scripts for The White Room of the Asylum, a story that I’d been wanted to write for many years.

The book was split into 6 chapters, and the idea was to have a different illustrator working on each part at the exact same time. To achieve this, we had to make sure the concept art, including every character and the various different colouring styles, was finalised and communicated to everyone involved. David Anderson, Vinny Smith, and Bobby Peñafiel did a fantastic job at getting the concept work spot on. They were then joined by Ephraim Zimmerman, Kat Fajardo and Omaik Neiv in illustrating the book.

The result is a book I am immensely proud of. I didn’t really know how well this idea would work until it all started coming together. Luckily not only did it work, but the shift in styles complemented the shifts in the story with each new chapter. We are incredibly grateful to win this award. To have our work recognised in this way goes far beyond any of the expectations we had when starting the project.”

One thing we were excited to hear as we write this is that Luke is already working on a partner story to this book. And we can’t wait to read it.

Stay tuned for more Winner’s Spotlight profiles to come!


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2017 Comics Of The Year Awards



The First Annual Comics of the Year Awards – 2017 Edition

2017 was an astounding year of firsts here at ComixCentral. When we opened the doors in March of 2017, we could have never imagined that so many incredible Comics of exceptional quality would be added to our marketplace in such a short time. We are overwhelmed with gratitude that the community we love so much has embraced us and chosen to sell their work on ComixCentral. We thank you all for joining us on this amazing journey, and we look forward to growing together for many years to come.

With that said, this year’s nominations were excruciating to choose. We love each and every comic on our site, and the competition was fierce! We’d like to thank all of you talented creators, and I hope you know how hard it was for our team to vote this year. But, as my 10th-grade gym coach once told me, “A little competition is good for the soul!” and we’ll add, great for our industry!

 We can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2018! And with that… here are this year’s winners!

“Best Fantasy” 

Comic”Skylin 001: Old Remnants

Long ago, the six nations fell victim to the ruthless tyranny of the Demon King and his Serpen. He burned all who opposed him and spared few. With little hope for liberation, nobles from each nation journeyed to an ancient floating city where they pleaded to the Spirits for help. Six warriors, one from each nation, were granted a powerful Serpen of their own, which they used to defeat the Demon King.

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 “Best Mystery”

The White Room of the Asylum

The White Room of the Asylum focuses on the tape-recorded memoirs of an old man named Steve who recently committed suicide. The tapes tell of the last period of his stay at the Soraberg Asylum and his discovery of what he came to call ‘The White Room.’ The White Room is an infinite space of pure white in which the residents can create anything they can think up. Over time more residents gain access to this mysterious place- Thus beginning a series of events that stretches Steve’s sanity to its limits, offers a chance at redemption, and leaves a man too broken to fix.

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 “Best Action”

Smart Bomb!! Level 1-2

Imagine an alternative gamingverse. One where TV games you’ve never heard of (yet, somehow, find oh-so familiar) are the norm. If only there was an awesome mix of comics and video games magazines to let you in on what’s going on? Thank Mr.Jump!’s ghost, it’s SMART BOMB!!

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  “Best Thriller”

Daughters of Knights – Chapter 1

Seraphine, accused of witchcraft, recalls the demon who slaughtered her companions and framed her. Daughters of knights is a medieval horror story about a disfigured girl, slaying monsters, and an uncomfortable, unconventional attraction.

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  “Best Superhero”

Humalien #1

In a future where humans are extinct. One was engineered in a lab to be a living biological weapon

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 “Best Horror

Bastard Son: Murderborn

Busted Knuckle Press presents: ‘Bastard Son: Murderborn’, a horror graphic novel. ORIGINS OF A SLASHER – 120+ PAGES OF BLOOD AND MADNESS! Created by Frank T. Allen & Marco “Sbrillo” Fontanili. Lettering by Taylor Esposito of Ghost Glyph Studios. Chapter One cover by Jacen Burrows.

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 “Best Sci-Fi”

Folklore Issue 1

A band of survivors travel across North America after a biological weapon turns the world’s greatest superheroes into horrifying abominations. The first issue of Folklore’s ongoing story, collected in this easy to enjoy PDF! Purchased issues help support the ongoing creation of Folklore, but you can find all our pages for free at or support Folklore directly by visiting our Patreon at

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  “Best Mature”

Dildo Boy Origins

Dildo Boy Origins is an XXX rated short comic which satirises the chauvinistic, adolescent male power fantasies of the superhero canon. Written, coloured, and lettered by Doktor Geraldo. Illustrated by Stefani Magician’s House. @DoktorGeraldo @MagiciansHouse In association with Digital Pastiche.

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 “Best Manga”

Samurai Shin Issue #1

Samurai Shin is highly influenced by anime such as Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, and Sword Of The Stranger

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 “Best Comedy


Renegade Psychic. Professional Hairstylist. This is not your usual paranormal adventure. This is about the rise of a new kind of hero. Or, rather, the reluctant rise of a hero. Meet Bob Holbreck, a talented guy who has mad hairstyling skills. He owns and operates a nice little shop in the trendy part of town. His clientele is building with loyal customers. Bob truly knows what looks good on a customer before they do. How does he do it? How does he know what to do with a head of hair? Well, Bob has other talents. There are those who may consider it a gift. Like his great-grandfather, who is at odds about Bob’s future career choice. Bob just wants to be a hairstylist and make people feel good about themselves; Gramps wants him to cash in on his psychic abilities.

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  “Best LGBTQ+”

Alex Priest #1

In a world where vampires and demon ilk are very, very real, two agencies work to keep the world safe from the forces of darkness. Demon Eradication And Denial (DEAD LLC) is a corporate entity that charges itself with the training and employment of demon slayers – specialists in combating magical beings. Living Corpses that Bite (LC & B) is a tax exempt public entity that relies on time proven traditions to keep humanity safe from vampires. When hunting evil evolved into blue collar work, the evil had to evolve.

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 “Best Story Arc”

Project Shadow Breed #1

In the new millennia, SinTech, a private government contract corporation began developing a serum to turn ordinary soldiers into werewolves. With the backing of the US military, SinTech perfected the serum. In 2014, they created the first “wolf pack” of soldiers. What they didn’t expect to create was Marrok.

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 “Best Series”

WOLF HANDS: Season 1

Vaughn Miller is a mild-mannered cellphone plan salesman who was bitten by a dying werewolf. Now, whenever trouble rears its ugly head, he transforms into a werewolf….IN HIS HANDS! Pursued by the evil Professor Orchid and his army of Frankensteins, Vaughn turns to his far-more-capable girlfriend Jenny Rose to get him out of this increasingly sticky situation. Madcap adventures and cartooney ultra-violence ensue! Written by Justin Heggs with art by Nick Johnson.

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 “Best Overall” 


Marine Corps Veteran Regina Ragowski is trapped naked and alone in the town of Paso Robles during the Zombie Outbreak. In order to survive she’ll need to avoid the zombies and find food, shelter and weapons…but most importantly….a clean pair of pants.

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