The White Room double pack (‘The White Room of the Asylum’ & ‘Give Up the White Room’)

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This double pack contains the award winning graphic novel ‘The White Room of the Asylum’, and the brand new novel ‘Give Up the White Room’.

The White Room of the Asylum:
The White Room of the Asylum- Black and White edition. This is the complete book in black and white. Synopsis: The White Room of the Asylum focuses on the tape-recorded memoirs of an old man named Steve who recently committed suicide. The tapes tell of the last period of his stay at the Soraberg Asylum and his discovery of what he came to call ‘The White Room.’ The White Room is an infinite space of pure white in which the residents can create anything they can think up. Over time more residents gain access to this mysterious place- Thus beginning a series of events that stretches Steve’s sanity to its limits, offers a chance at redemption, and leaves a man too broken to fix.

Give Up the White Room:
Life is a puzzle just waiting to be solved. That’s how Reya, a young woman with a penchant for solving complex puzzles sees it. Reya’s life is governed by routine; a roadmap of rules from what foods she eats to what she wears. Most of her time is spent working on her online challenge forum known as ‘The Puzzler’.Reya, herself an Agoraphobic with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, views her own symptoms as just another Puzzle to be solved. After six years without sight of the outside world, Reya, with the help of her self-made therapeutic entity named “Ivan”, has created a carefully laid out plan to get her back into society.When their plan goes awry, Reya retreats to the safety of her home, and that night when she sleeps she finds herself in a shared dreamspace known as “The White Room”This is a boundless and wonderful place accessible only to a small selection of individuals from around the word. A place in which one can make anything they desire tangible. Here, Reya can finally interact with others face to face without needing to leave her home. As Reya begins to use her talents to help these people and forge new relationships, she starts to feel more and more connected to the dreamspace. But what is this place? Do these people really exist? Or is The White Room merely an addictive fabrication to retreat from the gravity of her illnesses?


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