The Starfall Saga

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These are the two first issues of the post apocalyptic action drama called The Starfall saga ( 69 Pages )

When the stars fell from the sky for the first time, the demons crawled from the deepest of the 12 hells and stepped their feet upon the earth, that is when the downfall of mankind begun.

Many years from now the earth has been destroyed and there is a lack of water, food and natural resources. Only a few million humans have survived, the majority of which live in major cities call Metropolis.

Without the knowledge of the past, humanity has descended into a new dark age. The existing technology is mostly beneficial for the rich and powerful. Meanwhile a new religion has been formed to torture and control mankind.

Cruel kings rule the world with the church supporting their oppressive regimes. As if the above were not enough, a blood disease was casted upon mankind like a plague, making blood so valuable that it’s being used as currency.

Our story focuses on Metropolis 1 and Oulrik, son of the fallen rebel Borin. Follow the journey of Oulrik and his companions in their quest to liberate Metropolis 1 from the evil rule of king Brom and bring justice to the common people.


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