The Solitary Divide – Prologue Chapter 2

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Alex realizes she must find the strength to press on, even when she finds herself at her lowest moments. Her new companion, Officer Craig Murphy, suggests they head to the police department with his K-9 companion Apollo to seek out survivors and supplies. Once they arrive, Alex finds herself face-to-face with a ghost from her past.

The Solitary Divide is a post-apocalyptic long-form comic where survival is the focus. Alex woke up from one nightmare only to be involuntarily thrown into another. The dead are now roaming the Earth, and she has lost everything and everyone close to her. While others insist that there is strength in numbers, she believes differently. Alex must now learn how to survive in the new world while coming to terms with her former self.

For Ages 18+
Full Color
30 Pages (26 Story Pages)

The Solitary Divide is a webcomic available for free every week, if you want to wait that long. Purchasing the full chapter means you’re supporting the creator (yay!)

Note: The comic has been slightly downsized to upload on ComixCentral. After purchase, please contact me for a free 300+MB hi-res digital download.


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