The Robot War – Issue 4: A Sophisticated Adversary

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TRW issue 4 of 5.

If Star Trek has transporters, why do they need spaceships? Why can’t The Matrix use bunnies for energy? Why didn’t the Terminator get a job at the hospital where Sarah Conner was to give birth? I have no idea. But instead of pondering these questions I decided to write a Sci-Fi/Action graphic novel that is logically flawless and totally possible today.

Santa Barbara is under siege by a massive robot army, forcing a wiseass dreamer to grow up, get the lead out to rescue his girlfriend and a school full of trapped children.

“It wasn’t like the movies. More precisely, how the movies portray their idea of a robot invasion. This event did not contain any humanoid robots with overly complex systems designed to complete the rudimentary task of assassination. It wasn’t some dystopian future where humankind finds itself enslaved to generate electricity for a civilization of advanced robotics. But both are a good place to start in order to look at the difference between fact and fiction. With the idea being to help you, dear reader, wrap your mind around the events that transpired with the hope of defending yourselves when they ultimately happen again. And it will happen again.”


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Joe Friend is a writer, screenwriter, and musician who works in the media and entertainment business. When he’s not plotting the . demise of all humanity in his graphic novels, he releases music singles, composes for short films, and runs technology departments large media companies. In his copious spare time, Joe adventures near and far, camping, hiking, surfing, canyoneering, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding. You can read just how insane Joe really is at his website.