The Maroon Volume 1: The Cursed Shadow

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Collecting the first 6 issues of The Maroon, Volume 1: The Cursed Shadow follows the exploits of a nameless man of Afro-Native heritage as he flees pursuit from an ambiguous atrocity pinned on him by the law. Not only must he endure relentless pursuit of law men and bounty hunters alike, but he must also contend with supernatural forces and creatures of mythical stature. Despite those obstacles, his biggest threat is his looming mysterious past, that haunts him at every step and brings trouble to all those who surround him.

Created by Derek W. Lipscomb (who also serves as primary writer and artist), this first volume also features the writing talents of W. Brian Coles.


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Derek W. Lipscomb is a New England native and has been drawing since the age of four. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he began drawing his own comic books and creating characters ever since. Unlike them however, he refused to grow up, and is still doing it today.

 While he does have his degree in graphic design, most of his artistic skills are self-taught. Drawing from a variety of childhood  influences that include Godzilla movies, comic books, Star Wars, Saturday morning cartoons and various cinema, Derek enjoys paying homage to these ingredients in his various works. Many of his original art can be found on his personal website and his Deviant Art profile.

 Residing in Southern California with his wife and daughter, Derek works as a Graphic Designer and writes and illustrates “The Maroon” under his Owl Eye Comics production.