The Chronicles of Mary Jane: Post Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter Vol 1 No 2

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Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter wanders the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland seeking Justice, Vengeance, and Retribution. She was born into a world that was re-forged by atomic fire.

This is the story of Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter and her Psionic side-kick Siobhan Harlan. Together they are tracking an evasive bounty by the name of Hendricks. Siobhan using her Psionic power to narrow down Hendricks’ location at the Freehold of Folly; along the old Chicago Skyway, near the Illinois/Indiana border. After gaining entry to the Freehold of Folly, Mary Jane and Siobhan soon discover the settlement is controlled by a vicious clown raider road crew, who have a stranglehold on the trade routes in the area. After an exhaustive search and shaking-down the locales, Mary Jane finally locates Hendricks’ hideout, but finds more than they bargained for.


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