The Black Flag

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The queen of the battle-slain, the Morrigan, walks the streets of London. The king of the ravens is on the wing, and calling his clansmen to the skies. Soon, a great battle will commence, in which the tangled threads binding the Kingdom will be broken… A dark, violent and modern reworking of the myths and history of the British Isles starring Georgina Buadach Mcdubhgaill – environmental activist, urban guerrilla, and possible goddess.

As the real United Kingdom struggles with its own identity and its place in Europe, the force of nature known as Georgina Buadach may be more relevant now than ever.

100 pages.


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Comic book artist, writer, creator, self-publisher, maniac – Chaz Wood began work on his first full-length graphic novel in 2000 (\\\’The Black Flag\\\’), founded Fenriswulf Books in 2008, and in 2016, quit his day job to become a full-time student of Fine Art and Philosophy. During term breaks he tries to draw as many comic book pages as he possibly can.