Tales of the Nevercity – Stage Seven

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Detective Joshua Morgan is slowly losing control.

His ties to GenCog, the MetaCog’s genetic institution are coming back to remind him that he cannot escape his past… or future.

Stage Seven is the opening chapter to The Tales of the Nevercity series.
Set in an alternative Britain, led by The MetaCog, the country’s governing power, and GenCog, their sister company, they are regarded as world leaders.

But what sits on the surface of these titans is no match for the secrets they have hidden below, and the lengths they will take to keep it that way.


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I am a solo illustrator, designer and writer. I have been working on my Tales of the Nevercity Series for over 10yrs now and I am finally getting to produce it all.

Along with that series I have a whole host of independent/stand alone comics that I will be producing.

My work is largely CGI based at the moment due to a hand injury, I had the choice to hold off for an unknown amount of time or re-design some aspects and plunge forth with my ideas and hopefully tell some good stories.

Having been raised on The Beano, Peanuts, 2000ad, Eagle and Starblazer, I aim to do them all proud.