Stroper: Issue #4

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Stroper is a 10 issue story arc that builds up to a climactic finale!!

Issue: 4
Karl Wex locates his stolen prey on the red moon of Banktar, where his violent job meets a violent end. The Galactic Guard tightens their grip on Pak and Tango, but their situation grows even more dire after a meeting with the mysterious Dim Tong. However, an unexpected visitor might change the tides of luck for our galactic duo.

As the series creeps toward the imprisonment of Pak Booker, it starts setting the stage for a climactic finale. Issue #4 brings new faces and new problems to this galactic adventure!

46 page PDF.

2 reviews for Stroper: Issue #4

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Craig Johnson (verified owner)

    Where do i start?! This was soooooo good!! I thought i had it figured out! But noooooo i was way off!!
    God this series blows my mind. And it comes out so fast! How is it that fast and keep all of the excellent artwork and colours! How? This guy needs all of the awards seriously! And if you haven’t read this yet….why? Click buy on this and all previous ones and read them…right now…go on. I ‘ll wait.
    BRING ME ISSUE 5!!!!

    -Craig Johnson
    Project: Saviour
    Indie Comix Club

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Spencer Scott Holmes (verified owner)

    Eddie Porter does it again by making another fantastic journey into blue collar space. With that beyond original style art that you could spot a mile a way and know it was Stroper. Plus it’s got a cool look of those 90s Lucas Arts styled PC games. And to top it all off, Porter creates the story in stunning widescreen panels, like a story board. Something that people may frown on at a “Comic Book School” but here is another perfect example of how it works perfectly.

    The story continues, learning more about our protagonist’s past and the latest voyage he is on with his robot pal and latest stowaway/ new compadre for the journey fourth. Slave traders and evil alien robots abound in the clutches of the Galatic Union. With tons of great action, humor along the way and just the most dialed in characters. Grab the whole series of Stroper, you will never be disappointed. We talk even more about Stoper 4 on the Indie Comix Club Podcast Episode 22.

    Spencer Scott Holmes
    That “Pizza Boyz” and Indie Comix Club Guy

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