Starfall #2

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Elly buried her husband, got reacquainted with her ex, and fended off an assassination attempt by the theatrical terrorist, Cabaret. Across town, the Lost & Foundry, an underground social club for ne’er-do-wells, received the unexpected patronage of two teenage girls, but the golden hearted bartender was having none of it. Neither the widow nor the barkeep are ready for what comes next.


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Adam Blackhat is the writer of Starfall and (upcoming) Starfall High, which he maintains has kept him sane. He’s probably blabbing away on Twitter right now. You can follow him @adamblackhat.

Valentina Sannais is the artist. Move over, Evanescence, step aside cliche synonym for “art by”, the #1 person bringing things to life in this digital ‘burg is an Italian transplant residing in southeast London. From her first page, Val’s care and precision has been that of a steely surgeon, and the lines she cuts with her chosen scalpel (a Wacom Bamboo Fun CTH670) will etch characters and story into your mind forever if you let her. Commercial artist by trade, mad scientist by night, I am thrilled to have her on the team, and so should you be. Right about now, Val is probably deciding whether chocolate in bed counts as dinner. Hear about her bad decisions in real-time or eyeball her work on DeviantArt, Instagram, Facebook (at her Howling Art label), or Twitter @TheBlackWolf94.