Spaceman And Bloater Vol. 1, Beltuek Cavern and Other Stories

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Action, adventure, otherworldly creatures, and exploration of the infinite! Spaceman and Bloater are intergalactic couriers who specialize in deliveries too dangerous or too strange for others to risk! Together they travel the stars in their ship, the Saritorian, delivering packages and adventuring throughout the cosmos! From searching for an ancient relic in the Norgan Jungle, to an adventure through a haunted cave on the distant planet Tolbein, This 50+ page, full color, sci-fi adventure comic follows the exploits of Spaceman and his 3 eyed companion (Bloater).

Written and Illustrated by Jason Piperberg, it features “Beltuek Cavern”, a brand new 19 page story, as well as all 4 of the previously released shorter Spaceman and Bloater comics which have been re-lettered and formatted for this edition.

Comics included in this issue: “Beltuek Cavern”, “The Orb of Raahg”, “Stranded for the Holidays”, “Klick Klack”, and “Cocoon”.


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An illustrator, comic artist, and storyteller Jason has worked on projects including Raising Dion and Champions of Hara as well as his own creator owned comic, Spaceman and Bloater.

In 2012 Jason graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in illustration. He has always had a love for illustration, comics, super heroes, sci-fi, robots, and anything related to narrative imagery and storytelling. He currently works as a freelance illustrator in Lancaster PA.

Check out more of my work on my website: