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Once upon a time there were Heroes…

They were valiant superhuman warriors who fueled our imaginations and made us believe the impossible. They inspired and protected us. They were truly our champions.

In time, however, our heroes proved all too human. The Heroic Age came to an end and we decided to champion our own causes.

Forty years have passed since the fall of The Great Heroic Age and the world has become a cynical place that rejects the notion of masked superhuman protectors in favor of a more militaristic guardian. A cold and unfeeling protector, yet one that can be held accountable for its actions rising in the void. However, this Age of Guardians is not all that it seems.

The Adventures of Lighting Rod: Defender of Crimson and The Brooklyn Blur are but just two stories of adolescent heroes defying (what they see as) an unjust law, fighting criminals while evading the cops, sharping their skills for the time the world will need them most.

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Black & White interior
52 pages


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