Scattered Trade Collection Vol. 2

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The journey into the supernatural continues as each of the teenage spirit warriors find themselves searching for a clear path of where they truely belong. Taking them all on a spiritual journey that will make them stronger or crush them altogether. Ghosts, demons, seductive teen monsters, and the devil itself lays in the shadows to tear them all apart.

Scattered Comics Tradeback VOL. 2 (Collecting Issues #1-#4 in the 2nd series, plus a brand new comic short, cover gallery, fan art, and more!)

“If you love comics, I invite you to remember that first moment you experienced the magic. You KNOW what I mean. The energy. The raw excitement. The sense of a whole new UNIVERSE of uncharted possibilities unfolding before you. Remember now? Yeah. THAT. That is what Jason Dube has captured in Scattered. You can tell that this book is written by the boy inside the man, the one that FIRST fell in love with comics. In Scattered, Dube has captured an energy and purity that is what the comics experience is all about. Climb in. Fasten your seat belt. It’s gonna be a great ride!” – (Andrea Molinari) Caliber Comics

“Set in Earth, Hell, Heaven and Midpoint (a portal to other worlds) and populated by characters with names like Genisis, Lust and Judgement, the title follows the trials of a teenage boy picked by the Heavens as a champion for “The Father”. An allegory of religious and philosophical struggle.” – (Michael Dean) Comics Retailer’s Guide

“Dube really shows his talent is his artwork. His anime-meets-western-traditional style has garnered a strong and devoted following.” – (Don Smith) Fanboy Factor

“Scattered is a very interesting series, taking different genres and eras and smashing them together to make something unique. By making each character in the story have powers or abilities you would see in a fantasy setting, placing all of that in a modern world, you will have a fun ride.” – (Gregg Dietz) Mision Start Podcast

“An epic story of good vs evil wrapped in a cute package.” – (Ben Seto) Black Sheep Comics


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Scattered Comics is an indie comic publisher located in Sacramento, California. Established by Jason Dube, Scattered Comics is a publishing company that publishes about 20 different titles now. Under this imprint we create comics about the supernatural, dreams, teenage romance and angst, fantasy and horror. We strive to tell stories that mean something to us. Most of the titles come from real life situations, as well as personal beliefs and fears.

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