Scattered Trade Collection Vol.1

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SCATTERED is a story about the supernatural world and the journey of 4 young teens who are brought together to deal with it.

It is through this world that they encounter Angels, Demons, Gods, and Mages. There are ghosts and spirits, and if that wasn’t enough they have to struggle with their own real world dramas. Love triangles, stalkers, death, and coping with the stress of what they know lies under the surface of the real. All this together binds the storylines together that would otherwise be SCATTERED.
Written & Drawn by Jason Dube

The trade paperback collects all 30 issue from the first series. B&W. 306 Pages

“Set in Earth, Hell, Heaven and Midpoint (a portal to other worlds) and populated by characters with names like Genisis, Lust and Judgement, the title follows the trials of a teenage boy picked by the Heavens as a champion for “The Father”. An allegory of religious and philosophical struggle.” – (Michael Dean) Comics Retailer’s Guide

“Playing with all “God-Like” characters from all different time periods was very cool.” – Decapitated Dan

“Scattered is a very interesting series, taking different genres and eras and smashing them together to make something unique.” – Mission Start Podcast (Click for full review)


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Scattered Comics is an indie comic publisher located in Sacramento, California. Established by Jason Dube, Scattered Comics is a publishing company that publishes about 20 different titles now. Under this imprint we create comics about the supernatural, dreams, teenage romance and angst, fantasy and horror. We strive to tell stories that mean something to us. Most of the titles come from real life situations, as well as personal beliefs and fears.

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