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A preview of 4 of the comics coming out in RareFormat Comics by the end of the year. FREE, FREE, FREE,….!!! Did i mention Free?

Heavyweight Messiah #1 – Jesus comes to earth to give absolution to people who deserve it. The catch: He has to beat it in to them in a boxing match or fighting match.

Dark Daylight Day – The most powerful NLP (new level power) in the RareVerse has an awakening and has dire consequences for the rest of humanity. Is he hero or foe?

War is all i know – Bryson is a tormented soul. Beaten, raped and left almost blind by a priest in his young years have left a rage inside of him that he can only dish out. With the help of his puppets and friends he takes on a vindictive approach to societies scum…pedophiles, rapists and child murderers.

Gun of Wrath – Archangel Uriel is tired of being forgotten my GOD. So he make up a plan to create the ultimate weapon to kill GOD. Now years later the bloodline descendant of Uriel is finding out his true calling. To be the Gun of Wrath and take the weapon to it’s rightful owner. Or will he?


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I have been making stories and comics all my life but only now.i decided for the world to read them. I am an Army veteran, father of 8 and married for 23 years. I love horror a lot. The reason I opened this small company is that I kinda got tired of the mainstream and good vs. evil thing. I try to bring a new twist to the stories. Just wait…