Rain: The Burning Season #1

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Issue 1 – Climate Shift
Agent Sean Millanovich and his team from the Special Investigations Division take the case of the mystery gunman responsible for the assassinations of gang bosses Vincent O’Hara and Douglas Walker. Meanwhile, Cardle and Herrick join the remaining bosses Mathias Rosenberg and Anderson Bane in strategizing a swift recovery, as territorial gang warfare erupts onto the streets in the wake of the murders.

Series overview:
In series 2 of Rain, the noir action thriller becomes an epic, sprawling crime thriller, as an ensemble cast of characters from both sides of the law battle for supremacy on the streets of The Four Corners. And in the middle stands Philip Rain, fuelled by a deep fury and pain that threatens to obliterate the fabric of The Four Corners forever. This is the coming storm that will set everything ablaze. This is the burning season…


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