Project Shadow Breed #1



In the new millennia, SinTech, a private government contract corporation began developing a serum to turn ordinary soldiers into werewolves.
With the backing of the US military, SinTech perfected the serum. In 2014, they created the first “wolf pack” of soldiers. What they didn’t expect to create was Marrok.

The fan favorite series has returned and joined Team Evil Kat! Following a bit of a hiatus Marrok’s adventures will continue on and the team behind it have made it worth the wait.

Project Shadow Breed may be new to Team Evil Kat, but not to fans. Marrok’s adventures have been chronicled before. The first 4 issues were released under a different publisher. Those issues and Marrok’s all new adventures going forward have found a new home with Evil Kat Comix and we couldn’t be happier. We were big fans of the book before it joined our ranks, so we are very excited to be part of the project.


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