Project R Chapter 1: Shadows in the Dark

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The Republic of Rome, in the capital city of Roma, 60 BC. Rome is a bustling city of a million people, the center of the Republic’s wealth, power, religion and influence. Some become rich beyond imagining, while others plummet to the depths of poverty and despair. Among the seven hills of Rome lies the city’s poor, red-light district, Subura. A group of soldiers in Rome’s elite Praetorian Guard are lead to the poor district to investigate mysterious disappearances. Elsewhere, Titus, a commander in the guard, is forced to choose between family and his obligations, when a man Titus owes dearly comes calling for an important favor. At what cost will it come? Project R is an American manga/comic, created by a new writer-artist team. Blending various genres, Project R is historical fiction, horror, mystery, action, adventure, and even science-fiction and fantasy. An epic story set in the ancient Republic of Rome, the manga follows Titus, a soldier in the Praetorian Guard, who stumbles upon a dark conspiracy at the heart of Rome that threatens to tear the Republic apart.


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