Pizza Boyz – Season 1 – Graphic Novel

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Ever wanted to read a comic that had the thrills of a workout, with the laughs of a podcast and the nostalgia of an N64?..
Probably never crossed your mind till now.

Well in Pizza Boyz, the sit-com styled comic goes into the fray of what is best in life. Creating martial arts movies with friends, finding the easy street way of making money till your podcast takes off, being cautious of “THAT GUY” at the gym and utilizing the secret powers that Mario Kart holds.

And of course, grabbing a slice of some good times pizza. So, come on by and hang out
with the ole gang. It’s just like you remember, only black and white.

For Fans of things like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Clerks, Scott Pilgrim, Strangers in Paradise and That 70’s Show.

From Writer, Artist and Creator Spencer Scott Holmes host of Old Man Orange Podcast & cartoons like Walabie The Rabbit.

With special guest, variant covers by Pete Berg of Paint It Black, Technical Dave Razi, Courtney Hahn, Ryan Dunigan & Laura Lopez.

Collecting Pizza Boyz Issues #1-4.

2 reviews for Pizza Boyz – Season 1 – Graphic Novel

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    SuspiciousBehavior (verified owner)

    Was in a bad mood today so I decided to stop procrastinating and buy Pizza Boyz season one. I love it’s quick wit, humor and semi-autobiographical nature, so eerily reminiscent of my own upbringing as a child of the 80s. Thanks for the cheering up, Spencer. (Ed)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Owl Eye Comics (Derek W. Lipscomb) (verified owner)

    I USUALLY don’t go after humor-themed comic books, which in hindsight is a stupid mental block from the 90’s that “comics MUST be taken SRSLY, because they R not funny books!”. But back in the day before that decade, I was an avid reader of “Groo The Wanderer”, checked out “The Bradleys”, and enjoyed many a Cracked and Mad magazines.
    I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed Pizza Boyz – Season 1. I think what helped is the characters seem genuinely culled from somebody you grew up with, or things you and your friend’s did. My after school ritual was to go with my friends to the local 7-11 and pump quarters into the Street Fighter 2 arcade machine (yes, 7-11 used to have arcade machines!) and film cheesy action movies with a camcorder (I always wanted to do a kung-fu flick too). This book not only made me laugh, but triggered my memories of adolescence. At it’s face value, Pizza Boyz may come across as a Frat-Boy humor book, but the scenarios gives this series heart. Spencer Scott Holmes manages to make you feel like you took a lens back into his teens all while laughing at the absurdities of the male coming-of-age antics.
    If I had any criticisms, it’s very minor and that would be that (like mostly EVERYONE’s) first issue has some spots where the art was initially hard to decipher for my eye , but that is quickly dashed and this collection shows a massive uniformed look develop for the following issues to a satisfying style.
    Pizza Boyz is a unique book, as I have not read anything like this in quite a long while, and it’s B&W sitcom style harkens back to the awesome “underground comics” of the 80’s. Each story is standalone, which means jumping on at any issue is effortless, addictive fun!

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Spencer Scott Holmes – Creator, Writer and Artist of the Sit-Com styled comic book series, Pizza Boyz. I also host the Old Man Orange Podcast talking movies, games, comics, interviewing creators, telling stories and always having laughs. You should come on by and take a listen. I also have animations, videos, music, voice overs and more at

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