Pizza Boyz Issue 4: Home Made Gung Fu Flicks

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The story for anyone whose ever tried to put a video or film together with their friends. You know how it starts out with high hopes and expectations and the farther you go down the rabbit hole, the dream starts to look altered. Technical issues, prop misplacements and your friends attention span weaning. Hopefully it all gets finished but it could all come crashing down in a burning wreck too.

Well in this issue of Pizza Boyz, the gang is on a prophecy from Odin to go out and create a new movie. Gather the pals and make a good ole gung fu flick, cause for some reason, it always seems to be the choice. So it starts with more joy than you can shake a stick at and then comes roller coasting down hill fast. But that’s where the laughs get made and even fun times are had when it doesn’t go the way anyone intended.

So come on by and take a trip down memory lane with the ole gang, its just like you remember, only black and white.

Created By Spencer Scott Holmes
Old Man Orange 2017

1 review for Pizza Boyz Issue 4: Home Made Gung Fu Flicks

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Owl Eye Comics (Derek W. Lipscomb) (verified owner)

    I read this originally from the Season 1 trade, and it took me back to when some highs school friends and I were really considering filming our own Kung-Fu film. We intended on even putting a dubbed track over our voices to give it some authenticity! So naturally, as with mostly all of the Pizza Boyz episodes, this takes me back to when I was teen and the kind of shit we’d get into. This, however, takes it way farther…!

    Spencer kills with this issue. I died when the high school photo of Mogli displays his hair-do. There’s a lot of funny nods to martial arts films and video games here. I snickered when the film’s opening title cards (along with stock music) calls back the finest of the Shaw Brothers films from the 70’s. When Kascei implores the need for a “Burn Knuckle” and various other super effect moves, I laughed, reminding me of how fighting games elevated the kung-fu flick experience. Lots of laughs throughout, so if you don’t enjoy this issue, you are DEAD INSIDE.

    Pizza Boyz is an awesome sitcom experience, yet, unlike some sit-coms, you actually grow with the characters. Audrey continues to evolve into a main player, since her humble beginnings as just “the girl-behind-the-pizza-counter”. I appreciate her straight-man role in contrast to the main four. This series has been an indulgent ride back in time, yet with a very timeless feeling. Buy this book. Or yo’ momma.

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Spencer Scott Holmes – Creator, Writer and Artist of the Sit-Com styled comic book series, Pizza Boyz. I also host the Old Man Orange Podcast talking movies, games, comics, interviewing creators, telling stories and always having laughs. You should come on by and take a listen. I also have animations, videos, music, voice overs and more at

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