Pizza Boyz Issue 3 – Pool Boyz

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The boyz become lifeguards for a season to make some money, while having good times. Everyone’s been to that point in life, where your life project just isn’t cutting it at the moment and now you’re strapped for cash. When the podcast ads are minimal and YouTube is being a slow payout. Might be time for another option. Just for the moment. So you look to what’s local and take the job that sounds the best out of a whole stack of bad.

The boyz discover the little world of lifeguarding, where one might expect an environment like Baywatch or that Sam Elliott flick but find a place full of punk children, trailer trash parents and mix personality co-workers. With the Guardians of Life lead by their Pizza friend, Audrey. You never know what might happen.

So come on by, join the fun and remember those summer daze of making cash and hanging out with the whole gang. It’s just like you remember, only black and white.

Pizza Boyz Issue 3- Created, Written and Drawn by Spencer Scott Holmes

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1 review for Pizza Boyz Issue 3 – Pool Boyz

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Owl Eye Comics (Derek W. Lipscomb) (verified owner)

    “I’ve always been a big Sabbath fan”. LMAO. Pizza Boyz #3 continues the tradition with the perfect sitcom style laughs. It’s as if Married With Children and Adult Swim had a child, and viola!

    This particular issue was a fine example of taking a situation and squeezing the juice of laughter from it’s plump potential (did I just write that?!) The quartet cast realizes that their leisure funds are depleted and now they must seek jobs to replenish their amazing lifestyle. After much deliberation, the obvious choice ends up being life guards at the community pool.

    What’s impressive to me about what Spencer does, is he manages to give all of his cast something to do. Cisco gets gate duty, which leads to some pretty funny turns. Kyle parades about envious of Dunni’s summer fling with a female coworker and (my favorite running gag) Vince is brutally victimized by an ultra-conservative christian bully(!).

    The artwork is quirky and fun, and the character designs are consistent. Often times with b&w comics that comedy-based, some titles can feature art that’s hard to decipher. That is not the case here, and Mr. Holmes continues to keep his visuals tight and precise! So if you are in the mood for an episode of something reminiscent of Home Movies mixed with a little King of The Hill, Pizza Boyz is where it’s at!

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Spencer Scott Holmes – Creator, Writer and Artist of the Sit-Com styled comic book series, Pizza Boyz. I also host the Old Man Orange Podcast talking movies, games, comics, interviewing creators, telling stories and always having laughs. You should come on by and take a listen. I also have animations, videos, music, voice overs and more at

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