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As it was told to me…

There was a world in which animals walked on two legs. They built civilizations not unlike our own, and they raised their families much as we do. And they waged war on one another.

It was into this world that Fate brought a child.


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Retrozombi Media is run by writer Sean Frost and artist Wendi Strang-Frost.

Sean Frost is beginning to accept that he is not a changeling. He is an ordinary human who enjoys reading comics, watching movies, and not being eaten by a small mob of unruly cats. When not writing scripts, he is co-host of the cult movie podcast The Fiasco Brothers Watch a Movie (

Wendi Strang-Frost an independent comic artist who lives and works in Michigan with her writer husband. In the past she did artwork for ElfQuest’s WaveDancers, appeared in some independent comic anthologies, drew a few stories for Plastic Farm, and co-created the mini-comic series Johnny Public with Sean Frost.