Myrrom Galaxy: Oath, Issue 1

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Myrrom Galaxy: Oath, issue 1, is a work of art created by Nate Lindley.

This is issue 1 – The origin of Oath. Dwaine Oakson finds himself faced with mortal danger – the moment that will forever change his life. Oakson explains the events that first led him to become Earth’s mightiest defender, Oath.

Format: Print
Content: Black and White
Pages: 20
Genre: Superhero / Action / Sci-Fi
Age: Teen+

Fictional modern-futuristic; Alternate Dimensions; Dream/Spirit; Space

Black and White Pen/ink work, emphasizing contrast and visual rhythm.

Integrity; Family; Team work; Perseverance; Good vs. Evil; Love; Character; Humor; Action/Adventure; Mild Violence

Issue #1 released November 2018.


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