When is an invisible friend not invisible?
When she’s a cartoonist’s muse!
Join Iris the Art Muse and her bemused artist in their adventures — Deadlines! Angst! Procrastination! Insomnia! Character Development!
But fear not, Iris is always there to… uh… help, in this first collection of Muse Comics from Karen Gillmore’s art blog.


It all began with a promise.
Iris the Art Muse, my lifelong invisible friend, couldn’t contain herself any longer when I started a self-imposed, 30-day, drawing-a-day challenge in February of 2014. Although I was already embarked on a graphic novel project, I was tired of doing thumbnails and sketches and wanted a reason to do a finished drawing every day. Iris popped into visibility and expressed consternation at my rash vow.
I, of course, drew her.

Audience: this one will be more appreciated by teens or adults who are artists themselves — it’s safe for all ages, but little kids probably won’t get a lot of the jokes. Unless they are artists. In which case, buy them this book to let them know what lies ahead!
20 pages
©2014 Karen Gillmore

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  1. ComixCentral

    Awarded the CXC Comic of the Week March 6-12, 2017.

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Victoria, BC illustrator and writer Karen Gillmore especially loves drawing animals, in particular cats, dolphins, horses, racoons, dragons, and dinosaurs. She is secretly a mermaid.