Movie Massacre Miss Misery’s Horror Comic Magazine #2: The Heart

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From the hit cult television show “Movie Massacre” comes the comic book adaptation. Miss Misery will host and present a different 1-shot horror comic each issue to be spotlighted and published. “The Heart”- The little known gory details of a German legend from the Age of Discoveries are exploited by a demon worshiping Neo-Nazi cult, in order to unleash the 4th Reich upon our world. The ritualistic sacrifice, led by the high Priestess, is one righteous heart away from being complete. This important task of acquiring such human organ is entrusted to Lothar. A simple man who is blindly in love with the high Priestess and to whom no dirty deed is repulsive to please the one person his own heart desires the most. **This is a Mature readers comic which contains Graphic Violence, Possible Nudity, Sexual Situations, and Gore.

This issue includes Interview with Mr. Torture, SFX tutorial, Spooky drink recipe, Miss Misery photo shoot gallery and centerfold, Episode reviews, and Pophorror’s Top 10 Women in Horror

**This is a Mature readers publication.


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