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A Soviet-era boxer is living out a solitary life of quiet retirement when his town is overrun by bears. He is called upon to be a hero one last time. Note: this story may contain a bear being punched by a guy.

Misha is an inkwash, traditional media, silent comic!

2 reviews for Misha

  1. ComixCentral

    Awarded Comic of the Week July 1, 2018.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Spencer Scott Holmes (verified owner)

    I’ll pretty much grab anything with a Soviet Story in it, which can all be traced to a childhood obsession with Command and Conquer Red Alert. And that proudly continues to this day. Now combine a Soviet setting, in the snow (always gotta love snow for a story) and throw in some Bears hunting people down like LA gang members in Assault on Precinct 13. It’s like The Edge, (That fantastic bear horror flick with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin) but now turned up to 11 in carnage!

    And to top it all off, Misha is made like a silent picture with just about no dialogue. So you really feel the suspense and copious amounts of violence flipping through the pages. Top it off with an old Russian boxer who decides to take on the bears when all the ammo runs out and then I really got to say. What more could one want?

    Jillian Dolan’s got some beautiful art with an 2nd writer of Keith Callbeck and Peter Crittenden on Letters. So much good times to be had with this comic, unless your a poor chap getting eaten by the bears. But it also gives an insight to actually how some of the world lives with the bear population.

    I talked even more on this book on episode 9 of the Indie Comix Club podcast but grab this comic book today. You will not be disappointed in the man vs animal horror of Misha.

    Spencer Scott Holmes
    That “Pizza Boyz” Comic, Indie Comix Club and Old Man Orange Podcast Guy.

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Jdizzlelizzle (aka Jillian Dolan) is a long time doodler who found a writing partner too good to pass up. Now paired with Keith Callbeck, she makes comics that make her noggin go ‘WHOA! ‘