Malaria 9

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In an alternative England of the near future, blood, death and horror congeal beneath a full moon on the streets of Londinium…where lurks a primal fear as unspeakable as it is improbable.

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The year is 2023. In the city of Londinium, a strange plague known as M-9 ravages the streets. Buildings burn in the worst civil unrest for decades and rival gangs have declared open war upon each other in public view.

The mysterious Plague Doctors appeal for calm, and profess to keep the matter under control. In the meantime, a curfew is in place, keeping all citizens inside during the hours of darkness. Those who defy the curfew risk incarceration, or just disappear…seemingly forever. As a result, most people choose to lose themselves in the virtual escapism of The Scene, living virtual alternative realities in an online dreamworld.

Enter professional mercenary bounty hunter, Angela ‘Dawn Razor’ Saxon. With law and order stretched to its limits, the police have come to rely on individuals like Dawn and her colleagues to crack down on violent and dangerous criminals whenever they can. A botched job to bring in the ringleaders of a vice ring leaves Dawn almost dead and with the plague now into its third month and showing no signs of alleviating, she decides to find out more about the strange disease and the so-called ‘ToxDocs’ who patrol the streets after dark.

What she begins to discover hints at a secret almost too terrible to comprehend…

With only her brilliant but erratic research associate Josh ‘Skidd’ Marx, and her half-breed dog, Cromwell, Dawn must battle paranoia, double-crosses, murder and more to get to the heart of the true disease which infests Londinium, and find a cure before it’s too late…not just for her, but for the entire population of the Isles of Albion.

Quirky cyberpunk action prose with liberal doses of satire, horror and humour.

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Comic book artist, writer, creator, self-publisher, maniac – Chaz Wood began work on his first full-length graphic novel in 2000 (\\\’The Black Flag\\\’), founded Fenriswulf Books in 2008, and in 2016, quit his day job to become a full-time student of Fine Art and Philosophy. During term breaks he tries to draw as many comic book pages as he possibly can.