Life-time Issue 2: Inflation

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After setting the terrain in Life-Time Issue 1: the Big Bang, Frank is Back in Issue 2: Inflation.

Frank is taking the battle to the drifters. Following him, is Mariah, his apprentice who volunteers to back him up in his fight against time drifting goons called “Drifters”. From the daisy French streets in 1860 to the cold concentration camps of Germany in 1945 and again to the belated world of 1999, this is the journey of some people who are searching for a bigger meaning of LIFE and TIME.

Life-Time is a serious sci-fi set out to rectify problems created by many other time-travel stories as well as do something unique in the genre.


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Pramit Santra is a comic artist working in the indie comics as a freelancer since 2013. With not much on his name, he’s making some of his own comics.