Khep-Ra Book 1: New In Town

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When reports of a winged avenger appears on the New Haven news, Professor Josephine Sweet and Ray Morris are thrust back into the reminder of a traumatic event they experienced together two years prior. But then a mysterious agency reaches out to Professor Sweet about a recent discovery in Egypt, she soon finds herself struggling on whether to confront her past head-on, or try to continue to live a normal life with Ray.
Khep-Ra, first created in 1989 as “The Golden Scarab”, is the first book to come from the Owl Eye Comics Archives, where old projects that never saw print are restored and finally released to the public. These chapters are digital exclusives to Comixcentral!

2 reviews for Khep-Ra Book 1: New In Town

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Spencer Scott Holmes (verified owner)

    Derek of Owl Eyed Comics can find away to crush a story even with 20 plus year old material. But here’s the thing, if I didn’t know this was his archived comic lore I would have thought this story came out right in 2019. It holds up that well and then once I hear the history behind it all, it was actually way ahead of it’s time. Like a Proto Tomb Raider meets The Mummy remakes of the 90s type story. Topped off with a little bit of Hawkman and Hawkgirl from DC. But still doing it’s own cool vibe in Khep-Ra.

    And as a creator myself, what a sick idea of bringing back a story you worked on in the past and finally releasing it in all it’s glory with just a bit of touch ups. Just goes to show how a good idea can always maintain greatness. Yeah buddy!!!

    So if you dig ancient Egypt, a dash of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider mixed in with glorious violence from mythical beings, you will be in for a real treat here. I can’t wait to see more of this bad boy.

    Spencer Scott Holmes
    That “Pizza Boyz” and Indie Comics Club Podcast Guy

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eddie Porter (verified owner)

    I am constantly impressed with the amount of work Derek Lipscomb produces on a yearly basis. I have been following his Maroon series for a while now and have enjoyed every issues thus far.

    When I heard that he just released a brand new series (even though it was a story/world he had created in the 90s) I had to check it out.

    Let me tell you, Khep-Ra does not disappoint. Derek has a skill for mixing folklore/mythology into certain time periods, in this case the Egyptian mythology meets the 1990s. Our protagonist is a strong female character that gives off some Indiana Jones vibes, a total bad-ass. The first half of the story is all character development and world building and the second half of the story brings the action. Giving this first issue a nice arc. At times it was hard to tell which character was talking due to the large amount of text on each page. However, it’s a minor speed bump in an otherwise well paced story. I do hope Derek keeps cranking these out, but I also hopes he keeps cranking out the Maroon.

    Khep-Ra is definitely worth the time and if your a fan of the Maroon then it’s a no-brainer!! Pick it up people!!

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Derek W. Lipscomb is a New England native and has been drawing since the age of four. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he began drawing his own comic books and creating characters ever since. Unlike them however, he refused to grow up, and is still doing it today.

 While he does have his degree in graphic design, most of his artistic skills are self-taught. Drawing from a variety of childhood  influences that include Godzilla movies, comic books, Star Wars, Saturday morning cartoons and various cinema, Derek enjoys paying homage to these ingredients in his various works. Many of his original art can be found on his personal website and his Deviant Art profile.

 Residing in Southern California with his wife and daughter, Derek works as a Graphic Designer and writes and illustrates “The Maroon” under his Owl Eye Comics production.