International Cooking Club Recipe 1: Pizza

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Shanice Winters is an American student studying abroad in Japan…at least that’s her premise. The real reason she came to Japan is to one day meet her celebrity crush Hideki Uehara, a famous singer and foodie. Knowing Hideki’s love of food, she jumps on a whim of one day cooking something delicious for the superstar. In turn Shanice ropes in 2 of her friends Johnny, the Aussie English teacher, and Sheria, a latin dance instructor from Guatemala. Together they start the endeavor by cooking a pizza together, but Shanice’s dreamy personality and her friends’ different cultural conceptions on taste could be a hurdle for the trio
(This story is written in manga style and is meant to be read right to left)


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My name is Wade “Cito” Wheelington III. I am a fresh graduate from a manga vocational college in Tokyo and I have been living in Japan for over 5 years studying the language as well as the art styles and storywriting styles.
Originally form St. Louis, I have been drawing comics since the age of 3 and always wanted to live in Japan. Now I am living the dream, trying to promote my art and characters along the way as I grow as an artist.