Heavyweight Messiah #1

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This is a very different take on what we normally think of when we hear the word “messiah”. Most people (and that’s judging by statistics found on Google, not my opinion) think of the second coming of Christ. But what if that second coming did happen…and Jesus was pissed as hell at mankind?

What if, when Christ came back, he preached with his fists, in a boxing ring? Instead of sharing The Word, he advocates violence and abdicates kindness? With every jab, every right hook, every hit to the body, he tries to beat sense into the poor souls of the Earth. I mean, what if he felt we didn’t exactly catch on the first time he was here?

This compeling story of love, hate, pain and betrayal. Is surely gonna mix your emotions and mess with your senses.

Written by Benito Andino
Drawn, inked, colored by Nano Flavio Giron


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I have been making stories and comics all my life but only now.i decided for the world to read them. I am an Army veteran, father of 8 and married for 23 years. I love horror a lot. The reason I opened this small company is that I kinda got tired of the mainstream and good vs. evil thing. I try to bring a new twist to the stories. Just wait…