Fuck Kirby

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Stefani Magician’s House makes her writing debut and stars in this irreverent horror satire, which is an oblique tribute to a well known comics artist, on the eve of what would have been his one hundredth birthday. Illustrated by Doktor Geraldo. Pinups by Stefani Magician’s House.

2 reviews for Fuck Kirby

  1. ComixCentral

    “A really intriguing read – very enjoyable. An original plot idea with a couple of fun digs at society thrown in. Great artwork – the slightly surreal style fitted the plot well and there was good consistent characterisation. Definitely worth a read from these two comic creators carving their own paths and avoiding cliche and predictability.” – Julienne Durber

  2. ComixCentral

    Awarded the CXC Comic of the Week Aug 25, 2017.

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