Floor Hosts: Service Breakdown Vol 1. No. 1

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Lex and Kenny, Strip Club floor hosts extraordinaire…

The adventures of Lex and Kenny, Strip Club floor hosts extraordinaire. They are childhood best friends who grew up together, went to the same school, dated the same group of girls, shared the same hopes and dreams. They are “closet geeks” who collect comic books, watch sci-fi movies, play video games, and table top play role-playing; but it keep all a secret to maintain their industry tough guy facade.

They don’t care about sports, partying, or socializing with any industry people outside of work. When Lex and Ken aren’t bitching about their jobs at the strip club, they find themselves debating comic books, classic 80s action movies, and MMO lore. They have become more anti-social, more cynical, and more sarcastic…”

As Lex and Ken “grow old together” working in the strip club, they have become more anti-social, more cynical, and have developed a more sarcastic view on just about everything: money, careers, women, sports, politics, religion, and family. Meanwhile, as they both struggle, trying so hard not to become like their respective parents, both their lives have become “runaway freight trains,” heading toward their inevitable destinies. “This would be a great job if it wasn’t for the dancers and the customers…”

Never his mind on where he was and what he was doing…

Lex is the intellectual one of the pair, highly intelligent, philosophical, a deep over thinker, who over analyzes anyone and everything. Very much a part time intellectual elitist, finding himself arguing with other geeks about “Who shot first, Han or that other guy?” “Who was the best Doctor?” and other obscure geek lore. When Lex is at work, he dreams of being anywhere else besides work. “Never his mind on where he was and what he was doing…” Maybe that is what has kept him sane all these years. “This would be a great job if it wasn’t for the dancers, the customers, and the management…”

Ken dates alcoholic, nymphomaniac, pill poppers, with daddy issues…

Ken, a former ex-jock who’s sports career ended way too early, in his first year of college. He often reminisces about the glory day as a high school and college football player. He often dwells on the one “career ending injury” that shattered his dreams (and leg) forever. Over the years, Ken has become bitter with opposite sex, after a failed series of relationships with woman who he has deemed “alcoholic, nymphomaniac, pill poppers, with daddy issues.” Ken now finds serenity in playing video games, collecting comics, and being a guild officer in an MMO.


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