Flintlock Book One

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Flintlock is an ongoing anthology set in the Eighteenth Century, featuring highwaymen, pirates and more. Each story takes place at some point between 1701 and 1800 with all the characters co-existing in a shared historical timeline. Flintlock has been conceived by Steve Tanner who writes the stories, and the incredible talents of Anthony Summey, Lorenzo Nicoletta and Ed Machiavello have produced the art.

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Meet Lady Flintlock, Shanti the Pirate Queen and the Clockwork Cavalier in the first 48 page book of the critically acclaimed Flintlock series, as they begin their adventures in the 18th Century!


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Steve Tanner works with the creative teams on all titles published by Time Bomb Comics and has also written some of the titles himself – in particular “Flintlock”. This ongoing series features a range of unique original characters he has created, all in a shared 18th Century setting. Steve writes each of the stories in this genuinely diverse series, working closely with global artist talents to bring his scripts to life. The first book in the Flintlock series launched in April 2016 and has already received much critical acclaim.