Falling Off #1 – Waking Up

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The year is 2500 AD.

Earth has not been the same for some time.

The tides have risen, humanity is dwindling, and all while another intelligent species has arisen from the depths.

Science and technology are controlled by the privileged, and Kahren is one of the few. Her invention could help save humanity, but someone has stolen it and she’s been frozen for ten years…

Aluhsin is a mercenary-for-hire and second-in-command to a dictator who holds dark secrets.

Qued is a liaison between humans and his race, as things haven’t always been simple since his species began colonizing the land.

An ambassador and his small crew set out from a distant planet, hoping to establish contact, fulfilling a near-400-year project.

When worlds collide, will Earth’s inhabitants unite for the good of the planet, or will they destroy themselves?

Recommended reader age: 16+
Copyright JA Laflin and Agnec Press 2018


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JA Laflin is the owner of Agnec Press, a small press based in Portland, OR, and has many years of art, writing, music, and design experience.