Falconhyrste: Issue #1

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When Cei, a shy and nerdy trans boy, arrives on the secluded island of his new school, Falconhyrste, he’s ready to make new friends! But he soon finds out that there’s more to life at Falconhyrste than he bargained for… and something in the forest, long asleep, has just awoken.


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I am the co-creator of Falconhyrste, which is a weekly-updating webcomic. We have been working on this story for almost three years. Falconhyrste is a supernatural webcomic about four kids attending a mysterious boarding school on an island. When Cei accidentally gets lost in the island’s dense forest, he uncovers a strange supernatural being who later reveals herself as a girl named Mira. There’s drama with a couple of school bullies, a shady student council organization, and more!