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“With men vanishing leaving behind nothing but a puddle of blood, The Metal, The Kidd, and Sentri head down to Corpus Christi figure out what is going on and put an end to it.”

This is the premium collection of the first chapter of the Ex Dynamis Chaos webcomic with extra article pages added to enhance your reading experience and a bonus wallpaper. A good way to support the comic and learn more about the world than you would have otherwise.


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Malcolm Terzich is a writer, researcher, and adventurer who is passionate about science, history, and literature. He is also the creator of Ex Dynamis Chaos, which wraps up neatly all those interests into a world a madness and those who tame it. Sometimes he is also the entire art team and sometimes he partners with others, but be sure that if it is Ex Dynamis Chaos it is coming from him.