Dream State Radicals Issue No.1

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DSR is a gritty, sci-fi thriller where dreams are literally bought and sold on the streets and wars are fought in alternate planes of reality.

This issue follows Jake, Salvia, John & Leech – capturing the moments which will inexorably fuze their paths. Our story takes place in Lagula City, once the crown jewel of the United Imperial Nations. But with the U.I.N. in ultra slow-motion collapse there’s a city wide crackdown. And the one eventuality the higher ups fear most is just about to happen.

One of the super cool things about DSR is that the art style changes when the story follows a different character. That style reflects that character’s world view and conscious experience. Leech for example is a very sketchy guy and Pat, the pencil and inker for that character reflects that. Our phenomenally talented colorist ties the whole universe together with vibrant, unique color.

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    Awarded CXC Comic of the Week for the week of October 16th, 2017.

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Huckleberry Comics is all about one question, “What if?” It’s the question which drives us as a company and which laid the foundations for our flagship title Dream State Radicals. We’re all about taking new perspectives and taking chances. The things big companies are more and more afraid of doing because, in all honesty, it’s really risky. You could be sinking a fortune into something that bombs. So far, we’ve had pretty great luck. And we’ll keep taking those chances and keep making quality products as long as humans remain interesting, inquisitive and unique.