Dream Hunter Volume 1

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This is a real and illusory world, a perfect connection between dreams and reality. Many things in this world are not built, but created by the consciousness of every dreamer. As much as you believe in this dream, it will be as real as it is.
People living in this world are basically separated from reality and dreams. They shuttle between reality, other people’s dreams and even their own dreams without knowing it. One’s consciousness influences others, and at the same time it is influenced by others. The whole world is changed by dreams and becomes better…. or evil…

My name is Eis. I live in a seemingly normal world and have a seemingly normal job as a city janitor (temporary). I just wander all day on the streets and alleys that I’m responsible for (of course I occasionally still need to clean up some garbage), and sluggishly watch the busy city habitants (mainly the beautiful girls).
But when strange circumstances occur in the city, it is my time to make some money! Under the name of “Dream Hunter,” I deal with those bizarre events.

I forgot to say that I have a mysterious female competitor; ah…she really makes me both love and hate her!!!


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