Dark Daylight Chapter 1 CARDINAL SIN SAGA

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Alex is a down and out cook in a lowly cheap diner. He keeps having horrible dreams until the dream start talking back. The Nothing it says, think of The Nothing it says. One day at work he has an incident and his eyes bleed, he runs to the bathroom…he then screams in his head “I wish no one would see me like this” Automatically everyone’s eyes in the diner explode even their heads. Is it a mere thought that made it happen or The Nothing has something to do with it?


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I have been making stories and comics all my life but only now.i decided for the world to read them. I am an Army veteran, father of 8 and married for 23 years. I love horror a lot. The reason I opened this small company is that I kinda got tired of the mainstream and good vs. evil thing. I try to bring a new twist to the stories. Just wait…